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2021 hair trends for men
What’s hot in men’s hair for 2021?

All of us can recognise and aspire to that ‘good hair day’ feeling. With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic impacting everyone in some way or other, our hair has a more prominent part to play than ever before in our mental wellbeing. And we don’t just mean women either.

We recently showcased the predicted hair trends for women in 2021 but what about the male contingent? Worry not – in today’s blog, we’ve dusted off our crystal ball and looked into the future to talk you through what’s forecasted to be this year’s biggest cut and styling trends for men.

Messy bob
Long, messy hair isn’t the exclusive preserve of rebels and grungers who throw grooming out of the window. With TLC and fancy scissor-work, long locks give the appearance of mid-point between making an effort and not. It comprises shoulder-length hair that’s slightly messed up with layers nicely complimenting your face shape and hair texture.

Buzz cut
The ‘rebellious’ buzz cut can really show off your good looks, but that’s the sticking point – you need to have the features to carry it off. The sad fact of life is that we’re not all blessed with pleasantly proportioned heads. Check your head for any lumps or bumps before you commit as these will be visible.

Short and textured
Ever-popular short, textured cuts look best when the sides are a little shorter than the top with emphasis made on adding texture to the top of your hair. Maybe it’s time to finally embrace that fringe?

70s throwback
Styles from the 70s are being given a modern-day makeover. Straight from the catwalks, cuts from the 70s will be a huge staple in 2021.

Long military style
Inspired by the military, this cut is shaved close to the skin on the sides and back. The hair on top is left longer for movement.

High top fade from the 80s and 90s
The high top fade is here again and it’s all about clean, precise lines with a gradient on the sides. This works particularly well on curly and textured hair.

Long on top
Following on nicely from the high top fade above, with longer hair likely after lockdown, you may be keen to retain some of the growth with cuts designed around your new-found length. It’s a low maintenance style for time-poor individuals.

Side or back slick
Slicked-back styles are dramatic whether your hair is slicked off the face or to the side. It’s timeless and can be modernised when paired with an undercut. Similarly, instead of high shine, use matte products for a more natural finish and added texture.

Disconnected / undercut quiff
Staying with the theme of the undercut for now, these contemporary disconnected cuts really make a statement. Incorporated into many hairstyles, including quiffs, disconnected cuts are both youthful and on trend as the hair at the sides contrasts dramatically from the hair on top; with clipper grade zero separating the side from the top.

Ashy, smoky greys and platinum
The stand-out shades of smoky grey and platinum are a great choice for fashion-conscious males. Subtle ashy grey tones are the perfect alternative as a more subtle finish which compliments any trendy cut.

Bold colours – turquoise and blue to orange and peach
Statement hair colours are guaranteed to get you noticed in a crowd. These can be worn by themselves or combined into a colour melt for an edgier finish. These can be as bright or subtle as you like. Why not dare to be bold in 2021? Fortune is said to favour the brave, after all.

Natural colouring
Conversely, if you prefer a more natural colour, opt for copper brown, golden highlights or bronde (mixture of brunette and blonde) shades which suit all skin tones. Highlights, in particular, are superb for adding depth and dimension.

As always, when we cover hair dyeing, we conclude with a word of warning about following the right procedures, these being 48-hours-prior patch and strand tests. Our earlier advice on home hair dyeing could prove useful. This essential testing step avoids allergic reactions and should be performed both with home dyes and by your hairdresser once salons re-open for business.

Additionally, choose a reputable hairdresser who pays full attention to your needs. An unfortunate consequence of negligent hairdressing by salons and barbers is having your ears snipped by scissors, or your head, neck and ears cut by razors. Read our ‘Bad salon warning signs’ blog for more information on this all-important subject.

If you experience harm by your hairdresser, contact us in confidence to discuss making a claim, please email, call 0800 141 3682 from a landline for free, phone 0333 202 6560 from a mobile or complete our online enquiry form.

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