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What’s trending in hair colour for 2021?
Blue hair’s forecast to trend in 2021

With spring in the air, there’s a renewed feeling of hope and anticipation of positive change. Lots of changes are afoot in every aspect of our lives currently, with these opportunities presented by the mass rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine, reopening of our businesses and gradual easing of lockdown restrictions.

In our personal lives, change is epitomised by experimentation with our hair colour. As there’s not a single person who’s not eager for change in 2021, here we bring you the biggest hair colour predictions for the year. There are trending hair colours catering for individuals keen to make a bold statement as well as those with something more subtle in mind.

Blue – from pastel to denim

Make the January blues a dim-and-distant memory by welcoming blue hues, whether it’s ultra light such as aqua or dark, head-turning cobalt, or anything in between.

There are two important points: (1) Your hair will need to be pre-lightened before silverising. Without this preparatory step, your hair could actually turn out to be green rather than blue. (2) It can take a while to achieve your hair colour goal. Don’t expect perfect results first time round.

Once your hair’s been dyed blue, after care is just as vital to maintain your awesome colouring and minimise fading. Treat yourself to sulphate-free shampoo, use professional-quality conditioner and wash hair in luke warm (not hot) water.

Focus on natural colouring

On the other end of the scale to dramatic blue hair dyeing, people are embracing their natural colouring and using techniques that enhance it. There are a multitude of options for those working with colours that come naturally, ranging from grey blending to curl painting.

With these natural looking styles, you develop a colour palette that’s completely bespoke to you and requires less maintenance because they’re simply embellishing everything that’s already beautiful about your hair.

Two-tone hair

Balayage is going nowhere fast. Instead, it’s being taken to the next level with even more tasteful ways of placing colour throughout the hair coupled closely with carefully placed layering.

For the adventurous amongst us, there are face-framing colour styles too. Think softer, less extreme contrasts which complement your skin tone and highlight your cheekbones. Muted blondes and beige browns are the wearable colour combinations. Or, be braver with Alice band hair in prominent, even clashing, block colours.

Finally, there are full on 90s vibes with one vibrant colour underneath your hair and another on top, ideal for people who enjoy playing around with their hairstyle every now and then.

In keeping with previous articles about colouring, we end with a cautionary note about following the correct procedures as you embark upon your colour switch up. Only begin your colouring treatment if your hair’s in good condition at the outset. Once your hair’s passed this condition check, it’s time to test the dye on a small section of your hair to ascertain any potential reaction.

We hope you’ll never need to know, but it’s worth a handy reminder of what to do if the worst happens – by which we mean hair and scalp damage, and over processed hair falling out. Quickly recap our ‘6 reasons to sue your hairdresser’ and ‘3-step plan to suing your hairdresser’ blogs.

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