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At-home hair colour maintenance
Learn how to maintain your hair colour at home

As we find ourselves in the midst of another national lockdown in our government’s attempt to control the spread of coronavirus, non-essential businesses are once again temporarily closed. This includes hairdressing salons.

Even before the third lockdown was introduced, resulting from previous lockdowns, curtailed travel rules and restrictions imposed during the tier system, the majority of us are having to last longer than normal between hair appointments.

Whilst some individuals have embraced the freedoms afforded by lockdown hair and enjoyed being au naturel for a short time, others have taken matters into their own hands by doing cutting and dyeing themselves. Unsurprisingly, this hasn’t always been with great results.

Currently, there’s uncertainty over the period over which lockdown will be in force and, with it, salon doors remaining firmly shut. That’s why in today’s blog we present helpful hints on how to keep your hair colour fresh at home in order to make your salon-dyed hair stretch further until you can next visit your colourist.

For optimum hair colour maintenance, try…

1. Shampoo and conditioner specially for coloured hair
Let’s begin with the basics – your washing products. It’s worth investing that bit more money to buy colour protecting and lifting shampoos and conditioners which preserve your professional colour. After all, after you’ve spent your hard-earned cash on colour treatment at your hairdresser’s, why not do everything you can to lengthen its impact?

2. Reviewing your hair washing routine
Following on from #1, cut down on the number of times per week you wash your hair. Washing your hair daily should be avoided. Instead, opt for alternate days or even two to three times a week to keep your colour locked in. Dry shampoo is ideal for refreshing your hair on ‘wash-free’ days.

3. Turning down the heat
High temperatures strip away colour by damaging the cuticle. When washing your hair, shampoo with slightly warm water and rinse with cold water after conditioning. When styling your hair, use heat protectant spray and set a lower heat setting onto your hairdryer, straightener or curling tongs.

4. Kits to touch up roots
An increasingly popular option is home root touch-up kits. These kits seamlessly cover grey hair to make waiting for your next appointment infinitely more bearable. Just the job for daytime coverage, these colours wash out when you shampoo and condition your hair. With plenty to choose from, finding the best colour match for your hair shouldn’t be a problem.

5. Hair gloss
Remember hair trickery too. Hair glosses give the illusion of a salon colour treatment due to the shiny finish applied. The same shininess also makes your hair look and feel like it’s been salon-blow-dried as well.

6. Semi-permanent hair dye
Semi-permanent colour allows you to experiment with different hues and shades, and simultaneously use as a buffer in between appointments. Semi-permanent colours are perfect for grey roots and simply rinse away after up to six washes.

7. Permanent hair dye
Last but not least, there’s the heavier-duty solution of permanent hair dye from a box. The results obviously last longer but it’s important to choose the correct colour at the outset. Otherwise, you might be even more desperate to see your colourist to put things right.

For the latter two tips involving hair dye, it’s vital that you perform pre-dye tests first. This step necessitates applying a small amount of dye to a patch and few strands of hair 48 hours before the main event. This is to ensure you don’t experience any allergic reaction which is both painful and distressing. Read our earlier advice on home hair dyeing.

As experts in claims against hairdressers, we conclude with a timely note about occasional mishaps that happen at the hairdresser’s when undergoing colour treatments. Don’t assume that your hairdresser, once salons re-open, will automatically perform the aforementioned patch tests before dyeing your hair. Negligent hairdressing can, and does, happen. The same concept applies to over processing of hair for bleaching treatments. Damage can be anything from hair breakage and bald patches to scalp burns and scalp blisters.

Should this occur and you need our legal services to claim compensation for harm caused through no fault of your own, please get in touch with our friendly team as detailed below.

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