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A visit to the hairdressers should be a pleasurable experience and no-one should be left with damaged hair or an injury. We understand how devastating it can be if your hair is ruined or scalp damaged by the carelessness of your hairdresser. We have years of experience helping people who have been let down by their hairdressers. We work with specialist Solicitors to offer a ‘no win no fee’ service right across England and Wales.

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We take basic details from you and provide our initial advice. This can be over the phone or by email. If you decide to proceed then one of our expert Solicitors will provide a case plan. You will be offered ‘no win, no fee’ terms if your case is accepted. Your Solicitor will contact the hairdresser and their insurance company to agree compensation. We provide access to the best Solicitors, Barristers, Trichologists and Doctors. We stand by your side and provide help and support whenever you need it.



Q. My hair has been damaged and my scalp is red and sore after visiting my hairdresser. What should I do?

A. Please make sure you have done all the following before attempting remedial hair treatment as it may cause further damage and also affect your case.  If you contact us we will move very quickly and help you every step of the way:

- Keep appointment records
- Take photographs
- Keep any damaged hair
- See your doctor
- Call us for advice

Q. What can I claim for?

A. You can sue your hairdresser if they have damaged your hair or scalp. We represent clients who have suffered the following injuries:

- Scalp burns
- Allergic reactions
- Dry or brittle hair which breaks off and/or falls out
- Temporary or permanent baldness
- Defective permanent waving, tinting, bleaching or dyeing
- Skin irritation
- Chemical burns
- Defective hair extensions
- Scars
- Cuts
- Psychological upset

In addition to compensation for your injury you may also be able to claim compensation for future hair treatments, specialist shampoos, cancelled social occasions, travel costs, and any other expenses related to your injury. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.

Q. Can you help with beauty treatment claims?

A. Yes. We have a sister company that supports people who have suffered injury because of a beauty treatment.  Please visit for more information. 

Q. If I make a claim, how much will it cost and how much compensation will I receive?

A. You will only be advised to proceed if we believe you will win your case.  We work on ‘no win, no fee’ terms which means there is no financial risk if you lose.  The reality is, if we advise you to proceed you can have confidence that you have a very good chance of success.  We cannot give specific advice about how much compensation you could be entitled to without reviewing your individual case, but the guidelines for compensation excluding expenses tend to range from £3,000.00 to £10,000.00.

Q. I prefer to deal with a female lawyer. Is that possible?

A. Yes, absolutely. Just let us know when you contact us.

Q. My hair is badly damaged and I am really upset. I told the hairdresser but he said it was not his fault and that my hair was in poor condition anyway, and that was the problem.

A. Yes. Hairdressers have a duty to assess the condition of your hair before they perform any treatment.  Trichologists recommend that hairdressers perform patch tests for allergies and strand tests to check hair is in good enough condition to take the treatment proposed.  All hairdressers should additionally take visual and elasticity tests prior to performing any work and to warn customers of any potential problems.

It is the hairdresser's responsibility that you do not leave the salon with damaged hair and we would be very happy to investigate for you.

Q. What is a Trichologist?

A. A qualified Trichologist is someone registered with the Institute of Trichology who is an expert in the science of the structure, function and diseases of human hair. Trichology is the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of hair and the scalp. We work the UK’s leading Trichologists to assess the damage to your hair.

Q. I signed a waiver before my visit; can I still claim?

A. Yes. Whilst a waiver may be an important document to show that you understood the risks, it does not allow the hairdresser to act negligently and cause you an injury. Contact us and we will be happy to help.



hairdressing claims uk


Mrs H has Afro-Caribbean hair and went to a well known hair salon for routine conditioning. She was persuaded to try Brazilian Keratin treatment to make her hair straight and glossy. Soon afterwards her hair became very dry and started to fall out. She received poor advice and our trichologist warns that great care needs to be taken for this kind of treatment. Her hair had to be cut and there was nothing that could be done but to wait for the hair to regain length with the passage of time. Liability was denied and we took proceedings against the salon, resulting in a payment of £8,000.00.

hairdressing claims uk


Miss J attended a local hairdressing salon wanting to bleach her fringe and to apply colour to the rest of her hair. Bleach was applied directly to the scalp and hair at the front without protection. No pre-treatment tests had been undertaken. Her scalp became sore and itchy, her head began to bleed and the hair at the front broke off and was irretrievably damaged. This was shocking and extremely distressing.

We obtained and negotiated settlement with the salon’s Insurers at £12,500.00.

hairdressing claims uk


A mobile hairdresser visited Miss M to apply a blonde chemical hair colour treatment. Unfortunately, her hair turned ginger instead of blonde and then a second chemical treatment was attempted without success. This time her hair turned yellow with white ends. A third corrective chemical treatment was applied which left the hair very yellow, brittle and like wire wool. Miss M also suffered a burnt scalp.

We arranged an expert report from a trichologist, traced and then negotiated with the insurers and obtained a settlement of £4,500.00.

hairdressing claims uk


Mrs B used a home hair chemical straightening kit purchased from a well known chemical retailer. Mrs B followed the instructions on the packaging and whilst it straightened her hair, it left a pungent, sulphur type smell and led to a patch of breakage of hair in several areas.

We took action against the manufacturers and instructed an expert trichologist. A negotiated settlement was agreed of £5,000.00



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