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Warnings about dyeing children’s hair
Child at the hairdresser's

Child at the hairdresser’s

With all the warnings that come with hair dyeing – perform strand and skin patch tests; don’t overlap; never apply onto damaged hair etc – none is more urgent than never dyeing hair of under 16s.

That’s because hair colour products contain chemicals that can cause severe allergic reactions. In extreme cases, these reactions can be life threatening, particularly for children. The Hairdressing Federation, which promotes best practice amongst the profession, advises its members never to use hair dye on children under this age.

A programme created by the BBC, titled X-Ray, sent a 12-year-old schoolgirl undercover to 17 hairdressing salons, 16 of which completely ignored industry recommendations and dye manufacturer’s instructions, and offered the child colouring appointments.

As stated by the Hair Council representative, Shirley Davis, where dyeing’s concerned, on “under 16s it’s a no-no”.

Responsible hairdressers should live up to their professional duty to safeguard clients against harm, especially those more at risk of negative side effects such as children. As awkward as the situation may be, hairdressers should steadfastly refuse to dye hair of minors. The potential outcome of not doing so is a serious hazard to health and should be avoided at all costs.

Read more on the BBC website.
Catch up with the already-aired X-Ray programme on BBC’s iPlayer.

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