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Happy Christmas hair!
Christmas hair

Christmas hair

With Christmas party season in full swing, we’re here with some timely festive hair tips. When planning for your Christmas do, there’s a tendency to invest all your thinking power into what you’re going to wear.

A new sparkly dress with matching shoes, bag and jewellery are indeed a must have, but what about your most important fashion accessory… your hair? Don’t spend lots of money on your Christmas outfit without considering how to finish off the look with your hair.

Here are some inspirational ideas to create the perfect Christmas hairstyle…

#1: Adopt an up-do
Women are growing their hair longer than ever. As many of us begin our Christmas celebrations straight from work, you may lack the time to do your lengthy, luscious locks justice by styling it loose. A fast, effective up-do is more easily achievable in less time within the confines of your office toilets!

If you have a lot of hair, keep things simple to manage the bulk. Choose your up-do goal. It could be anything from a branded bun or fishtail crown to pinned-up curls or twisted chignon. Once your shape’s right, just add a bit of shine spray or hairspray to hold it in place and control flyaways.

#2: Introduce some colour
Winter’s definitely the time of year to make your hair look richer, warm up your skin tone and frame your eyes with some brighter colours. Auburns, reds, coppers and chocolates are popular colour choices.

Anyone following fashion knows that grey is the new blonde. Grey, silver and blueish hair hues are everywhere this season. Conversely, you could instead opt for Snow Queen vibes with a shade of on-trend, granny-chic grey.

#3: Fake it!
If you’re frustratingly short of those pre-Christmas party minutes with scant time for hair preparation, rely on products to create the illusion of pampering. Try hair powder to fluff up your hair, dry shampoo to remove grease, serum mist to add luxury shine, styling spray to lock everything into position or shimmering spray to inject a bit of glitter.

A visit to the hair and beauty aisle of your local chemist with a few pounds in your purse will do the trick.

#4: Be elaborate
If you have longer hair and fancy a worn-loose style, get out your curling tongs or hair straighteners to tame those tresses. Where party hair’s concerned, the bigger, the better applies. Backcomb at the roots for volume. Curl your hair in sections, always in the same direction, then brush through afterwards to turn those tight ringlets into vintage, glamorous waves which are very with-it.

#5: Men should get involved too
With male grooming on the rise, men aren’t afraid to express themselves through their hair. For gents with longer hair, there’s more scope to switch your style from relaxed and casual to sleek and tailored as occasion demands.

Change partings, add a quiff, scrunch it up, tie it back, use colour, anything to make you look party-ready for your Christmas celebrations.

The worst thing you can do at the moment is cause a hair disaster. Now, more than ever, you want to look your best. When buying products, read usage instructions. When using high heat-emitting equipment, use protection spray and don’t overheat strands of hair. When colouring, perform all the necessary pre-dye tests before you begin. When visiting the hairdresser, use a trusted professional and give clear directions as to what you want.

Happy Christmas hair everybody! Now go rock those parties…

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