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Predict your salon timings with this handy guide
How long will you be at the hairdresser's?

How long will you be at the hairdresser’s?

A trip to the hair salon is a real treat for most of us. Depending on your treatment and styling requirements, you could be there for a long time. Up to half a day if you’re having a full head of highlights, wash, cut and blow dry.

With those glossy magazines, and a steady supply of snacks and drinks on offer at your hairdresser’s, though, what’s not to love? Being waited on hand and foot, and a bit of quality you-time are the perfect ingredients for an enjoyable salon experience, right?

Well, apparently not! It appears there’s some disjoint between expectations and reality, because determining how much time’s needed for hair appointments is a tricky business.

Miscalculating and spending a lengthier period in the chair than anticipated is cause for huge disappointment as it’s deemed to have wasted your time unnecessarily. The reverse situation is equally annoying. A shorter visit results in feeling rushed and not quite getting your money’s worth.

That’s why we love this article on the Elle website. Titled ‘How long should you really be spending in the salon chair?’, there’s a list of popular hair treatments detailing the approximate length of time each one should incur.

From a good trim to complicated hair extensions, Elle’s timing advice will help you predict more accurately the duration of your next visit. If you’re in for the long haul, at least you can be prepared and take along anything that’ll make you as comfortable as possible and use your downtime to best advantage… such as your favourite book to do a spot of reading, laptop to catch up on some work and, even, lunch to keep those hunger pangs at bay!

With a bit of pre-organisation, there’ll be no hairdresser claims disasters for you! Just a relaxing time in the salon worth repeating over and over again. After all, your hair does have a tendency to grow!