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Katy Perry tells hair damage story on American chat show
Katy Perry's hair disaster story

Image courtesy of YouTube

No one is immune to the damaging effects of over-processed hair. Even celebrities. In fact, some would argue that famous people forever in the spotlight are more likely to fall victim to over-application of hair products such as hair dye, bleach and straightening treatments in their quest to keep their hair paparazzi-ready at all times. And, for pop stars, who regularly change their hair dos for their latest music videos or live concert performances, are more vulnerable to over-processing than most.

Enter Katy Perry…

The American singer appeared as a special guest on a chat show recently brandishing a newly cropped hair style which she revealed had been instigated by irreparable hair damage from over-bleaching.

Katy said, and we quote: “I don’t know if you’ve ever dyed your hair blonde and too blonde, but sometimes your hair falls out when you go too blonde so that’s the way I handled it. This was the destination I showed up to. At first this was just to salvage my hair and then I was like, I really believe that the universe has a plan for this.”

Watch Katy chatting to Ellen on YouTube.

To digress slightly, over-processing occurs when the same or similar products are applied more than once, or several different products are used simultaneously, either at one hairdressing appointment or over a short period of time. The end result is weak, dry, brittle and unmanageable hair that can typically only be fixed by being cut off and left to grow back from scratch. Obviously this process can take years, depending on the rate of hair growth.

We can’t comment on how much this hair disaster might have cost Katy in terms of hairdresser’s fees and how much it may have affected her relationship with her hairdresser, but we can guess probably a lot for both.

As Hairdressing Claims experts, it’s our role to help individuals who find themselves in a distressing situation such as Katy’s. If you’ve experienced a similar fate, get in touch to find out what you can do in order to claim compensation for your hair loss. To contact us, simply complete our online enquiry form, email, phone 0800 970 9102 from a landline or call 0333 202 6560 from a mobile.