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On trend: peach hair!
Peach hair colour trend

Peach hair colour trend

Last year, rose gold hair was all the rage. The popular fusion of blonde and pink hues was worn by all manner of celebrities and non-celebs alike to make a bold beauty statement, Katy Perry, Hailey Baldwin and Kylie Jenner amongst them.

This year’s trending hair dye is peach, a warmer take on the cooler rose gold colouring, showing that pink hair shades are here to stay. Peach hair is tipped to be everywhere very soon, just in time for summer and the height of festival season.

Hair colour professionals claim that peach hair complements any hair type and skin tone, with recommendations to opt for lighter peach if you have fairer skin, choose darker peach for olive skin and go for more vibrant orangey-pink hues for dark skin.

There’s even the option to introduce other pastel shades as well as peach if you’re brave enough to create a dramatic rainbow style. One contrasting colour suggested for this purpose is lavender. Alternatively, adopt an ombre effect whereby the colour starts in the middle of the hair shaft and fades into the ends of the hair.

For a more cautious approach, add peach streaks without committing to the full head. This includes using peach for a balayage finish which makes your hair look a little sun-kissed, perfect for these hotter months.

DIY kits are available should you wish to save yourself the money of a trip to the hairdresser’s. We would urge, though, if you want to have a try at home, make sure you carefully follow the user instructions to avoid a hair disaster.

If you’re slightly more hesitant and prefer to enlist a hairdresser for the job, select a reputable stylist who understands your hair type, performs strand and other vital pre-dye tests, and has proven success in dyeing procedures.

Anyone who’s read our earlier blog posts will know that techniques such as hair dyeing, if not done properly, can cause serious harm. The incorrect application of strong chemicals can dry out your hair so that it becomes brittle. This results in hair damage and hair breakage. Your skin can react badly too. Scalp burns and scalp blisters are not uncommon in these cases.

In the unfortunate event of something going wrong, get in touch with our legal team to discuss what’s happened in confidence. We help take the stress out of what can be an extremely upsetting situation.

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