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Gender-neutral hairdressing
Gender-neutral hairdressing

Gender-neutral hairdressing is increasingly popular

Any male-female friendship knows that the woman will pay more for a haircut than the man, even if their hair is shorter. This frustrating gender inequality has led to price discrimination in the hairdressing sector. It’s come about because women are often happier to spend more money on beauty than men. And anyone in business knows that you charge more to people who are willing to pay a higher price.

But this outdated thinking is finally changing, partly because men are investing more in personal grooming and spending longer in the salon chair, but also due to some hairdressers trying to differentiate their offering by recognising that gender-neutral price lists promote fairness. Quite simply, there’s no reason why the price point for a man or woman should differ anymore, if they ever should have at all.

Recent news reports announced the opening of Wales’ first gender-neutral salon, Chair Salons in Cardiff. In similar vein to other salons of this type, Chop Chop London amongst them, customers pay according to the length of their hair. Other factors borne in mind may be stylist’s time and skills, and products used.

Unlike the majority of salons with which we’re familiar, prejudice isn’t made on the basis of sex, age or community. Not only has Chair moved away from an archaic pricing system, it’s making sure magazines on offer give its customers ‘access to representations of beauty that do not conform to stereotypes’.

Ultimately, gender-neutral salon clients should feel welcome, not be subject to gendered conversation, save money on hair care and still get the hairstyle they want. There’s one price list for everyone and a warm environment, with no distinction between genders and an atmosphere of inclusion.

Thankfully the hair industry, then, is slowly evolving to reflect the modern world we live in. Not before time, in our opinion. It’s not acceptable to charge extra for the same service just because someone’s a woman. Salons like Chair are setting a positive equality standard. Hopefully, now, the rest will follow suit.

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