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How much women spend on dyeing their hair
Some women spend £50,000 in their lifetime on dyeing their hair

At Hairdressing Claims, we’re interested in all things hair. We love this report about just-published survey findings which headlines that one in twenty women spend over £50,000 during their lifetime on dyeing their hair.

Based on a 2,000-participant poll, the majority of women cited spending at least £100 per salon visit every six-and-a-half weeks for colouring treatments. Hence the £50,000 overall total.

There’s more, related information garnered from the survey with some other key statistical findings from respondents being:-

• One in four spend £18,370 over their lifetime altering their hair colour; the equivalent of £291.60 per year
• Only 18% kept the same colour for their entire life
• Blonde was the most popular colour choice with 44% opting for highlights or similar lightening techniques
• 50% tested light blonde hair, four in ten had gone light brown and almost one quarter had tried purple hair at some point
• 45% had dyed their hair red and one in ten blue
• Women tended to wait until they were twenty before colouring their hair but one third were in their teens when they first experimented with colour
• 55% felt better about themselves after changing their hair colour
• The average woman goes through six different hair styles and four varieties of colour throughout her life

It seems, too, women are actually more likely to invest in hairdressing than paying for gym or exercise classes, thereby placing greater emphasis on the importance of good hair days. According to this new evidence, confidence and attractiveness feelings are directly correlated to the colour and appearance of our hair.

Hairdressers have a vital job on their hands where our self-confidence is concerned, yet they do occasionally get it wrong. As expected, in these circumstances, ruined hair has a dramatically negative impact on confidence levels. In fact, many people who’ve been injured by a hairdresser describe an inability to maintain their normal work and leisure routines.

If you suffer negligence by your hairdresser, talk to our team about the possibility of pursuing a legal claim. We’re specialists in claims against hairdressers helping clients day in, day out to secure compensation for hair and scalp damage.

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