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Barber’s benevolent work with the homeless
Barber's benevolent work with the homeless

Barber to the homeless, Ged King, with Manchester’s mayor, Andy Burnham, courtesy of the Manchester Evening News website

At this time of gift-giving and caring for others, we’ve discovered this heart-warming news regarding a philanthropic barber who, as well as offering free haircuts to those who are homeless around Greater Manchester, is now planning his second trip to overseas refugee camps providing haircutting services and urgent provisions. This story really is the epitome of the true spirit of Christmas which is more about what you can give than what you receive in return.

The barber in question is Ged King, founder of the Skullfades Foundation. Ged claims to have given over 1,200 free trims to the City’s homeless to date and urges more barbers to join his ongoing crusade in the region to continually extend support for those in need.

Taking his altruistic project to an even higher level, Ged journeyed to Parisian refugee camps earlier in 2017, armed with donated essential goods which he distributed, along with his free hairdressing services, amongst refugees.

Spurred on by the huge success of his Paris expedition, Ged’s currently crowdfunding and campaigning for donations of clothes, toys, rucksacks, sleeping bags, non-perishable food and other items to take on his scheduled 2018 visit to Dunkirk. With strong backing, Ged can achieve his ambitious objective of delivering four vans full of donations, manned by a team of twelve volunteers, to refugees situated in Dunkirk’s camps.

For people who’ve lost everything – their home, possessions, even family and friends – Ged and the Skullfades Foundation can give “a positive chat, warm clothing and a haircut” which means the world to his destitute recipients.

Find out more on the Skullfades Foundation and read the full story as originally reported on the Manchester Evening News website.

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