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Growth in cruelty free hairdressing
Cruelty free hairdressing

Cruelty free hairdressing

With the rise in vegans and vegetarians for environmental, health and ethical reasons, lifestyle choices such as these are now extending further than just diet and clothing into the beauty scene too.

In the hairdressing industry, a growing number of hair salons offer a range of treatments using products made up of ethically sourced, natural ingredients which haven’t been tested on animals in environmentally friendly packaging. You may recall our earlier blog post on this subject titled ‘Is your hair vegan?

If organic hairdressing interests you, take a look at this article on the Mancunion website. It helpfully reviews some of the best Manchester salons that comply with PETA standards. By having a read, not only can you discover where to find these vegan hairdressers, there’s also useful information on discounts available to new and repeat customers. So you can enjoy organic haircare at reasonable prices.

No nasty chemicals. No unnecessary wastage. No animal cruelty. Because having your hair done shouldn’t damage your conscience.

If you’re a follower of the Hairdressing Claims blog, you’ll know that, on rare occasions, hair appointments can end badly. Harm caused can be anything from hair breakage and scalp burns to blisters and cuts. Our legal team specialises in claims against hairdressers to support people injured through hairdressers’ negligence.

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