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Great British hair tourism trade
Hair tourism grows in popularity

Hair tourism grows in popularity

The tourism industry is booming as people travel in their droves to visit far flung places, experience new adventures, spend quality time with family and friends, and, from a professional perspective, do business with companies in different regions.

We all take holidays or plan business trips from time to time, both within our own country and internationally, but just how far would you journey for a haircut?

According to an article on the BBC website, hair tourism is enjoying a burgeoning trade in Britain from global clientele trekking around the world for the main purpose of getting their hair cut and styled whilst at the same time taking a city break.

It seems, then, a good hairdresser can be hard to come by and it’s worth travelling hundreds of miles (1,855 miles in Melissa’s case who’s gone from Sicily to Manchester in the BBC video!) for an appointment in order to get a contemporary, on-trend haircut.

Where British salons are concerned, they’re a cut above the rest as they offer unique styles and techniques, plus provide better value for money, all of which are appealing to intrepid travellers. It’s social media, Instagram particularly, that’s responsible for generating interest in our nation’s hairdressers.

We should be rightly proud of our homegrown hairdressing talent such as the entrepreneurial owner-manager who’s the star of the Manchester salon in the BBC clip. Attracting clients from locations as distant as Canada and the Middle East is no small feat, especially when hairdressing services will be readily available in their country of origin.

Watch the 1½ minute video here.

In saying this, it’s also important not to get too complacent when selecting your hairdresser. You see, just as with any sector, there are good and bad craftsmen (and women!). Check out credentials in order to make an informed choice about which hairdresser to use.

If you’ve read our earlier blog posts, you’ll know that hair appointments can end in complete disaster, albeit on extremely rare occasions. In these instances, damage can take the form of severe hair breakage or painful scalp burns and blisters. Our legal team specialises in claims against hairdressers to help injured parties affected by negligence.

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