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A step-by-step guide to the hairdressing claims process
Step-by-step guide to the hair claims process

Step-by-step guide to the hair claims process

Even if you’ve instructed a solicitor previously, pursuing claims against hairdressers is a daunting prospect and it’s hard to know exactly where to begin. That’s why we’ve devised these easy-to-follow instructions to help you start off on the right foot in order to progress your claim successfully and ease the stress at this upsetting time in your life:-

1. Make a record of your appointment
Write down the date and time of your visit to the hairdresser. If possible, note the name of your stylist, and name and address of your salon. Whilst still at your hairdresser’s, find out and record details of the products used throughout your treatment. Other information could also prove useful such as length of time at the hairdresser’s and a roughly drafted transcript of your conversation when discussing what had gone wrong.

2. Gather supporting evidence
Next, take photos of your injury, and keep some strands of your damaged hair that may snap off or from your hairbrush in a clean plastic bag. It’s worth digging out some photos of your hair pre-damage to show the extent of harm done, maybe from a holiday or night out when your hair was in optimum shape.

It may be appropriate to visit your doctor and seek expert medical opinion. Again, document your doctor’s appointment (date, time, doctor’s name, and medical practice name and address) with a summary of your diagnosis. This isn’t a prerequisite to legal proceedings though. At Hairdressing Claims, we have a select group of medical partners, both doctors and trichologists, to support our clients.

3. Seek legal advice
Contact Hairdressing Claims who are specialist personal injury lawyers with particular expertise in suing hairdressers for advice. Our legal team happily undertakes free initial assessments at which point we’ll tell you if you have a strong case.

Once you instruct us to represent you, we’ll provide a case plan and guide you through each subsequent stage of proceedings. We’ll draw upon our years of experience in this field and involve our close-working partners comprising doctors, trichologists and barristers in order to increase your chances of success and amount of compensation.

Doctors and trichologists will assist with identifying cause and expected recovery from damage, thereby showing why your hairdresser is at fault. Your sample hair and photos are invaluable here.

4. Settle your case in or out of court
Our aim is always to avoid taking the case to court, because this is preferable for everyone, especially you. If an acceptable out-of-court settlement isn’t forthcoming, however, we’ll proceed to court and give your case the final push needed to achieve the compensation you’re worthy of receiving.

The outcome is largely dependent upon whether your hairdresser is insured. With an insurer, settlement is much quicker than without an insurer, as it’s the insurance company who tend to pay the compensation monies.

As an unregulated industry, it’s not unusual to discover that your hairdresser lacks proper qualifications and insurance isn’t in place but you can rest assured that, in certain circumstances, we can still pursue compensation directly from the hairdresser or salon concerned instead, subject to checks.

Even in complex cases where court is necessary, the vast majority still tend to settle before trial commences.

5. Don’t undergo further hair treatment
As tempting as it might be to correct your hairdresser’s errors, and however persuasive your stylist may be in convincing you to have additional treatment, don’t allow anyone to apply more products until you’ve been given the medical green light. Otherwise, the damage may be even worse than it is now.

Another consideration is presenting the evidence. As upsetting as it is to keep your hair looking in such a bad way, by embarking upon further treatment you’re effectively covering your hairdresser’s tracks and reducing your chances of a successful claim. So wait until your hair’s been assessed from a medical and legal perspective, and photographed before you arrange any correctional treatment.

6. Start the hairdressing claims process today
Get in touch with our expert hair claims legal team by one of various methods. Complete our online enquiry form, email, phone 0800 970 9102 from a landline or call 0333 202 6560 from a mobile.

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