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Top 5 reasons to sue your hairdresser
Hair loss

Hair loss

For the most part, after a visit to the hairdresser, you step out of the salon feeling great, looking amazing, smiling and flaunting your newly styled hair. Occasionally, you’re less happy because you haven’t quite got what you asked for. If this happens, you’re within your rights to complain, refuse to pay and come to a mutual decision about how best to rectify the situation.

Absolute worst case scenario, you suffer injury or damage following negligence or accident at the hairdresser’s. In these instances, you have a legitimate hair damage claim and should secure legal representation in order to seek compensation.

As hairdressing claims experts, we’re often asked what types of harm constitute a hair claim. To shed light on things, we’ve compiled the top 5 reasons to sue your hairdresser:-

1. Chemical scalp injury

Chemicals are part of many hair treatments, for example hair dyeing, bleaching, perming and straightening. It’s a stylist’s job to know how long certain products can be left on your hair as well as recognising that clients are different and some may be allergic to particular chemicals. Patch and strand testing should always be performed around 48 hours before any treatment to check for adverse reactions.

Where no testing’s been carried out, burns, blistering and other irritations such as dermatitis can occur on the scalp. Hair loss is another common outcome.

Also, some types of hair are simply not suitable for certain treatments. Eligibility can be ascertained by a straightforward visual and elasticity check without the need for pre-testing at all. For example, hair that’s been recently treated or is in bad condition.

2. Burned or damaged hair

Hair styling tools – that’s hairdryers, curling tongs and hot irons – emit high temperatures that cause grave harm if used incorrectly. Hair should have an extra barrier applied such as heat protection spray and appliances should not be used for too long on sections of hair. Burned or brittle hair will break easily and fall out.

Also, equipment should never come into direct contact with the skin otherwise burning and blistering will ensue.

3. Cuts and bleeding

Hairdressers should be trained in how to cut and shave hair in the right way but that doesn’t mean they don’t make mistakes every now and then. A slight lapse in concentration or misjudgement can result in a cut to your neck, ear or face by scissors or other styling implements such as razors and shavers. A cut’s bad enough but if it subsequently becomes infected, you’re going to be in a lot of pain.

4. Slips and trips

An unnoticed spillage or un-swept pile of hair is a potential trip hazard. Although salons have a duty to provide a clean and safe environment, a busy business with back-to-back appointments can quickly become neglectful because there’s scant time for cleaning up between clients’ appointments. Fall injuries include bruises, sprains, ligament tears and broken bones.

5. Beauty parlour syndrome

Vertebrobasilar insufficiency, otherwise known as ‘beauty parlour syndrome’, is caused by inadequate neck support and hyperextended backwards neck positioning over the basin during washing. An artery can be torn or compressed leading to blood clots. Symptoms include severe dizziness, loss of balance and facial numbness. In extreme cases, strokes.

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