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10 winter hair trends you need to know about

Our ‘Autumn hair inspiration’ blog is sooooo October. Now that January’s arrived, it’s nigh time you started thinking about winter hair trends. You don’t want to get left out in the cold, after all. Thankfully, there’s everything you need to know right here on today’s blog.

Without further ado, this season check out these hairstyles to embark upon a ‘new year, new you’ – the perfect time to make a hair change…

1. Sparkly accessories

From embellished hair pins to designer logo hair clips, the sparklier, the better where accessories are concerned. Whether you’re dressing up for a party night or going casual for a chill day, accessories are the ideal accompaniment to any outfit, be it a little black number or jeans and t-shirt.

2. Zig-zag parting

Popular in the past and making a welcome resurgence is the zig-zag part. It’ll take some time to get the parting just right using the sharp end of a comb, but it’s well worth the effort as the end result is drama personified. Complete with a ponytail or other updo and apply a shiny finish to keep it taut.

3. Chin-length bob

Always on-trend, the adoption of bobs by certain famous people have kicked off the craze once again. If you can’t resist the bob’s charm, head to the hairdressing salon to get the chop, reading our ‘Bad salon warning signs’ blog as a signpost first, and invest in a lightweight pomade to keep stray strands in their place.

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4. Half-up, half-down hair

Leaving half of your hair loose and styling half in a high updo has been ‘in’ for a couple of years. These days, it’s a softer and easier take on this style such as a simple fringe tied back using an invisible elastic with the rest hanging free. A good smoothing serum could become your new best friend.

5. Icy-blonde colouring

Suited to anyone’s skin tone, whether porcelain white or chestnut brown, make an appointment with your colourist if you’re eager to make icy blonde your next signature look. Cast your mind back to our ‘How to identify, prevent and cure hair damage’ and ‘Be careful of over bleaching’ blogs to avoid a hair dye disaster though.

6. 90s layering

Adding layers to create soft flicks around the face and soft waves throughout the hair is back from the 90s. It’s all about volume and fullness, especially for hair that’s limp and lifeless. If you’re keen for a hair switch up but don’t want to lose any length, this is the style for you.

7. Tapered wolf cut

A combination of the shag and mullet, this season’s version of the modern wolf cut includes tapered ends at the sides and a micro fringe upfront, complemented with wispy layers to create masses of volume.

8. Pixie with fringe

Pixie shapes are everywhere currently as they’re spot on for women who are low on time. Pixies are extremely versatile and make a big fashion statement. Winter’s face-framing option features a messy fringe – striking for all face shapes and all ages.

9. Barely-there fringe

For bangs with a difference, hairdressing clients are asking for a fringe that appears to be barely there. Think soft, wispy and seamless – it’s subtle fringe action that blends flawlessly into the rest of your hair.

10. Celeb inspo à la Jennifer Aniston and Princess Diana

Thanks to a ‘Friends’ reunion, and ‘The Crown’ series and ‘Spencer’ movie, salons the world over are emulating Jennifer Aniston and Princess Diane hair with a contemporary twist. Let’s call it the Rachel 2.0 and Diana 2.0.

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