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What does over processed hair look like?
Damaged hair

Damaged hair

We’ve all suffered from badly conditioned hair at some point in our lives, split ends being a prime example, caused by all manner of triggers such as excessive styling with hot instruments or exposure to the sun on holiday. This damage is fairly easily remedied with a good trim and a brief spell of salon-quality deep conditioning.

Over processed hair is an entirely different league of distress altogether. The tell-tale signs are:-

  • Your hair will feel dry and straw like.
  • It’ll be brittle and break easily when brushed.
  • It’ll look dull, frizzy and lack any shine.
  • No matter how hard you try to style your hair, it won’t hold and you’ll have lots of fly-aways.
  • It’ll be resistant to colouring or other chemical treatments.
  • In sum, it’ll be completely lifeless and, most likely, falling out in handfuls.

To show just what over processed hair will look like, we’ve found this stomach-churning YouTube video. Before you watch, we have to add a disclaimer. The ‘star’ of the video, Apryl Myers, is quick to explain that her intentions to ruin her hair are entirely deliberate, for demonstration purposes, as she’s planning on cutting her hair short afterwards anyway.

Brace yourself and watch video here.

This is what’ll happen to your hair if it’s over processed, in this case from over bleaching. The same can happen from other chemical services such as perming, relaxing or highlighting.

In case you missed our earlier blog posts on this subject, follow our tips on bleaching, read Katy Perry’s story about how “your hair falls out when you go too blonde” and access sound hair care advice to keep your hair in good shape.

Unfortunately there’s no magic cure for correcting over processed hair. A severe cut and absolute caution in the future will be in order for sure. If this has happened to you during a visit to the hairdresser’s, and you’ve ended up with scalp burns, scalp blisters, hair breakage or hair damage, you’re well within your rights to raise a claim against your salon for compensation. Do contact us to start legal proceedings.

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