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Be careful of over bleaching!
Be careful of over bleaching!

Bleaching procedure

Platinum blonde hair is a popular trend right now. Celebrities and catwalk models around the globe are switching to icy white colours. It’s actually a head-turning style that’s always been high up the popularity and fashion stakes. Masses of famous people from bygone times adopted the bleach blonde look too. Think Marilyn Monroe, Debbie Harry and, more recently, Madonna.

Back to the modern day, Kim Kardashian is the latest celebrity to reach for the peroxide. She readily admits that it’s high maintenance, though, and is quoted as saying ‘being blonde is a full-time job!’ and she ‘loved taking this risk’.

As striking and image-improving as it may be, bleaching your hair is a serious business. Consider for a moment what bleach actually does to your hair. It raises the cuticle and removes the colour pigment from the shaft permanently.

Even when done to the healthiest locks, bleaching can damage your hair, making it brittle and porous, even break completely at the weakest point, as well as the ability to cause chemical burns and blistering to your scalp.

Would-be blondes are advised to follow these rules:-

  • Only take the plunge if your hair’s in the best condition – strong and healthy – to begin with.
  • Don’t bleach previously bleached hair. Only bleach sections of new growth. Overlapping is a big no-no.
  • Ensure a strand test is performed to check for adverse effects and to calculate how long to leave on the bleach.
  • Never take bleach all the way to the scalp so that chemicals don’t come into direct contact with your sensitive skin in this area.
  • Employ good aftercare by washing less frequently (every 3 days or so is ideal), using conditioner every time you wash, applying deep conditioning treatment once weekly and trimming split ends regularly.
  • Instruct a reputable hairdresser with proper qualifications and adequate insurance in place. Bleaching should always be done professionally.

Referring back to Kim Kardashian, while some men may indeed prefer blondes (as apparently does her husband, Kanye West), repeated application of bleach is ill-advised. Damage can be severe and irreversible.

At Hairdressing Claims, we’ve encountered lots of cases of hairdresser’s negligence for bleaching procedures with scalp burns, scalp blisters, hair damage and hair breakage the most common outcomes. If you find yourself in this heartbreaking situation, please contact us and take the first step towards claiming compensation for harm caused.

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