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Ten facts and figures about the hairdressing industry
10 hairdressing industry facts

10 hairdressing industry facts

We’ve helpfully compiled a list of interesting facts and figures about the hairdressing and barbering industry in the UK:-

  1. It’s unregulated: registration with the Hairdressing Council is entirely voluntary and only circa 7,000 hairdressers are currently state registered
  2. It generates £7bn turnover: more than 40,000 businesses and 270,000 people operate in this sector
  3. It’s comprised primarily young, self-employed females: 50%+ are aged up to 34, 48% operate on a self-employed basis, 88% of hairdressers and 79% of salon owners are women
  4. It’s a fast-growing area: hairdressing businesses are the 5th most popular independent start-ups and it’s the 10th highest apprenticeship in England
  5. It’s composed of SME companies: 93% employ less than 10 people and two thirds generate an annual turnover of less than £99k
  6. It’s a lower-skilled career: 91% of hairdressers are qualified to below A Level standard
  7. The biggest proportion are located in the South: a quarter of salons are geographically positioned in London and the South East
  8. We’re heavy consumers: it’s estimated our hair grows an average of 590 miles and we have approximately 480 haircuts in our lifetime
  9. It’s attracting more male consumers: male spending is up 23% and the influence of male style icons has led to men now making up a 5th of all salon customers
  10. You’re entitled not to pay: as service providers, hairdressers are governed by the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982

These details are courtesy of the National Hairdressers’ Federation, Simon Jersey and Habia amongst others.

Consumer trends in hairdressing show that we’re undergoing hair treatments more frequently than ever before. The unregulated nature of hairdressing is a warning to be mindful about the procedures we embark upon with our hairdressers. Insist on patch or strand tests, ask about risks and know your rights should things go wrong.

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