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Social media hair hacks & trends to avoid

It’s official: copying what you see on social media is bad for your health. Where your hair’s concerned, emulating hair hacks and trends shared on the likes of TikTok, Instagram and YouTube can cause permanent damage.

We’re all guilty of seeking out time-saving tricks to get our hair looking great without too much effort or expense. But, be wary as the videos you watch and images you view online could result in causing more harm than good if you try it out yourself at home.

To prevent long-lasting and irreparable harm, here we introduce you to some of the social media hacks and trends currently doing the rounds on the internet which you should avoid at all costs:

Cutting split ends trend

There are two elements to this bad trend. First, what you think are split ends may actually be new growth hair that’s shorter than the rest. So, your cutting exercise is pointless. Second, using normal scissors on your split ends won’t give a sharp cut. Only proper hairdressing scissors should be used for this purpose. Our ‘Getting to grips with split ends’ blog is a useful steer. There’s no substitute for getting your hair cut professionally at a reputable hairdressing salon to keep split ends at bay.

Popping the scalp trend

We’re not even going to guess how this awful trend came into being. Needless to say, scalp popping – the process of yanking clumps of hair from your head to make a popping sound – can be extremely harmful. And painful. That’s because it can tear your scalp and damage the bulb of the ‘popped’ hair. In the worst cases, hair might be prevented from growing in the damaged places ever again.

Perfume-spray dye trend

Think spraying perfume on straighteners then applying on your hair will dye it? Think again! Instead of any dyeing effect, you’ll simply be left with dry, brittle, frizzy, dull, flyaway hair once the chemicals and alcohol in the perfume get to work by removing your hair’s natural oils and moisture. Videos showing this trend in action are fake. Another useful resource on a related subject is our ‘Box hair dye dangers’ blog.

Hair-washing hack

Particularly targeted at individuals with longer hair, the idea behind the hair-washing hack is to only wash half of your hair as a time-saving measure. While it’s readily acknowledged that washing a full head of long hair does indeed take time, neglecting to do so will cause build up that may damage your scalp, prevent its ability to grow and impact your hair’s health. To better understand optimum hair washing maintenance, access our ‘How to formulate your hair washing routine’ blog.

Heat-free waves hack

Any hair styling that doesn’t involve heat is welcomed but not if it necessitates over manipulating wet hair. Using tools on hair that’s damp can damage the structure of the cuticle. The outcome is coarse hair that’s easily broken. Learn more about caring for wet hair in our ‘Wet hair mistakes: Why and how to avoid these 7 schoolgirl errors’ blog.

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