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Scientific evidence that women really are the fairer sex
Blonde hair genes more prominent in women

Blonde hair genes more prominent in women

The biggest ever study on genes and hair colour has been undertaken by an international scientific team with results recently published in Nature Genetics.

Data analysed from 300,000 participants of European descent showed that women are twice as likely as men to have blonde hair. Another interesting discovery was that men are three times as likely as women to have black hair.

These research findings demonstrate that the colour of our hair is a highly heritable trait, related to our genes, with an unusual bias towards more blonde haired women and more black haired men evident in every population sub group analysed.

Joint lead author of the study, Professor Tim Spector from Kings College London, said: “It’s a mystery and it’s intriguing because it wasn’t what we were looking for.” Read more of Tim’s comments on the BBC website.

While these gene-related revelations appeal to professionals operating in the hair industry, Hairdressing Claims included, there are huge implications for other sectors too, such as medical and police forensics work. Two uses of the data are that it’ll help improve our understanding and treatment of diseases, and make it possible to ascertain villains’ physical identity at crime scenes.

On a related note, if you’re not a natural blonde and are tempted by a total dye job to recreate the look, please heed our earlier advice to would-be blondes about over bleaching your hair. Incorrect or over application of bleach is seriously bad news for your hair and skin, both of which can suffer severe and irreversible damage.

At Hairdressing Claims, our raison d’etre is to help individuals who’ve been hurt by their hairdresser. If you experience harm at the salon in your quest for blondeness, get in touch by emailing, calling 0800 970 9102 from a landline for free, phoning 0333 202 6560 from a mobile or completing our online enquiry form.

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