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Scalp blisters and facial swelling caused by hair dye
Woman hospitalised due to ‘cosmic blue’ hair dye

With the variety of hair colour trends out there (read our red and copper, and other hair colour trend predictions for 2021), it’s tempting to change up. If you’re thinking of dyeing your hair, you need to first know all the accompanying risks…

The recently reported story of an Aberaeron mum who experienced a severe reaction to a home dye kit is a shocking reminder of what can, and does, go wrong.

27-year-old mum-of-four, Leonie Dee, developed blisters along her hairline which ‘kept popping and oozing blue dye’ and her eyes swelled shut, causing her to be hospitalised for 36 hours whilst undergoing medical treatment and observation.

The incident happened after dyeing her hair with two Schwarzkopf Live dyes in ‘cosmic blue’ and ‘ultra violet’; the former causing the reaction because of the ‘higher concentration of its active ingredients’.

Leonie has dyed her hair regularly in the past, never reacted previously, and even performed a patch test before applying the dye fully to her hair. The experience has made her vow never to dye her hair again in future and she’s pursuing a complaint with Schwarzkopf.

To anyone considering dyeing their hair, whether at home or salon, we offer two nuggets of advice:

  1. Follow essential preparatory steps for your upcoming colouring appointment. You’ll find these in our ‘5 top tips for fool-proof hair dyeing’ blog.
  2. Understand what to do if the dyeing procedure goes awry. We cover this in our ‘6 reasons to sue your hairdresser’ and ‘3-step plan to suing your hairdresser’ blogs.

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