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Hairdressing without the small talk
No talking at the hairdresser’s!

The majority of our country’s hairdressing salons reopened for business on 4th July. With waiting lists running into the hundreds, if not thousands, some hairdressers actually tended to their first customers in three-and-a-half months at one minute past midnight thereby opening their doors at the earliest possible time yet still adhering to the government’s restrictions.

Whilst people up and down the UK are desperate to get their ‘lockdown hair’ fixed and unruly locks trimmed by a professional instead of having to resort to DIY cuts and colours, the salon experience is now markedly different to what it was pre pandemic. The main differentiator is the new silence rule.

In the past, engaging in small talk with our hairdressers was a key part of the event’s enjoyment. Many of us form strong friendships with our stylists over the years. A hair appointment signifies a chance to catch up, discuss upcoming plans, share news and generally gossip about what’s happening in our locality. Forced to keep chat to a minimum will feel strange as we adjust to this temporary new-normal hairdressing regime.

To enforce the government small talk ban, salons are likely to perform virtual or phone consultations before the actual appointment date, avoid conversation of any form during hair washing and head massaging, and undertake essential discussions only when stood side by side or with the hairdresser positioned behind the client looking into the mirror.

The reason for these constraints is fairly obvious. The transmission of coronavirus is intensified by face-to-face contact. From a hairdressing perspective, this includes talking over the basin as hairdresser and client are within close proximity.

Prescribed quietness at the hairdresser’s may come as a disappointment but, on the plus side, it does allow stylists to process more people and get through waiting lists quicker, and focus on their work without distraction.

If you’ve seen our earlier blog posts, you’ll know that lapses in concentration can result in solutions being left on hair for too long, product guidelines not being followed to the letter, and negligent use of hot and sharp styling implements, to name a few. The consequence is scalp burns, scarring and hair damage.

We have another word of warning here. Make sure the initial consultation you’ve given is adequate to assess your hair and decide upon the correct course of action. Also, it doesn’t negate the need for strand and patch tests which should still continue to be undertaken up to 48 hours prior to chemical treatments.

In the unfortunate event that you suffer harm at your hairdresser’s, our expert team are on hand to help you progress a claim for compensation.

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