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Celebrity hair loss champion, Ricki Lake
Ricki Lake on Instagram

Contrary to popular belief, hair loss is not a phenomenon which only affects men. According to hair experts, 40% of women will experience visible hair loss in their lives too.

Lots of factors can contribute to hair loss, these being hormones, weight changes, age, genetics, medication, stress and negligent hairdressing or over-processing of our hair. Doctors and hair specialists, known as trichologists, are best placed to advise on the root causes, which may be due to underlying medical conditions, as well as recommend treatments for recovery.

Being honest and open on hair loss is a difficult and emotional step to take. This struggle with hair loss is epitomised by the American actress and TV presenter, Ricki Lake, who’s recently confessed about her 30-year-long battle on social media.

In a candid, inspiring Instagram post, Ricki shares a photo of her shaved hair and describes the trauma she’s suffered over a three-decade period. Striking a chord with women (and men) all over the world, Ricki explains how she kept the secret from everyone (including her therapist), tried a multitude of solutions (none of which worked in the long run) and is now finally liberated by exposing the truth.

Hoping to help others in the same situation to unshackle themselves from the “quiet hell” of hair loss, Ricki’s story has already been liked thousands of times on social media as well as prompting hundreds of messages of support from fans. Read more on the Independent’s website.

Amongst the contributory factors documented by Ricki are over-processing of her hair for a previous acting role and over-use of hair extensions in an attempt to hide her hair loss. These are two topical subjects we’ve written about before. Access our ‘Celebrities speak out about hair extension damage’, ‘What does over-processed hair look like?’, ‘Be careful of over-bleaching’ and ‘Katy Perry tells hair damage story on American chat show’ blogs.

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