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5 top tips for fool-proof hair dyeing
Hair dyeing made easy

Planning a dye job by your hairdresser? To depart the salon feeling a million dollars with perfectly coloured hair that grabs everyone’s attention, we present some top tips to ensure your dyeing treatment goes to plan. Prepare for your upcoming colouring appointment by…

1. Not shampooing your hair

We don’t mean ever, obviously. Leave between 24 and 48 hours between your last shampoo and your dyeing session so there’ll be a protective natural oil layer on your scalp. This will form a barrier of sorts against the chemicals contained in most hair dyes. Unless your dye is made up of organic ingredients only, that is. (See our ‘Is your hair vegan?’ blog on this subject.)

2. Taking along inspiration images

You and your hairdresser should be on the same page so be clear and upfront about exactly what you want to achieve colour wise. Flick through magazines at home (remember you can’t do this at the salon anymore due to Covid rules… check out our ‘New normal hairdressing regime’ blog) to find photos of your desired hair colour. It’s then your stylist’s task to translate your request into the correct dye whilst also setting your expectations about what’s realistic. It’s part expectation setting, part reality check.

3. Bearing in mind your natural colours

This is about your skin tone as well as hair colour pre dye. Certain dye colours look different on particular skin tones. Casting your mind back to the aforementioned images, if your cut-out magazine photo shows someone with dark skin and yours is light (or vice versa), the final finish will not look the same on you. Similarly, certain hair colours will take certain dyes better than others. Chat with your hairdresser to decide if the colour you crave will turn out how you envision it.

4. Being patient to reach your ultimate goals

Following on from #2, although your coveted colour might not be possible after one dyeing appointment, it may be after several sittings. Apply the concept of ‘the best things in life are worth waiting for’ to your hair. Be in it for the long haul and you’ll get the hair colour of your dreams with time.

We have to add a word of caution here. Choose a reputable hairdresser you can absolutely trust. (Our ‘Bad salon warning signs’ blog will help!) As it’s likely chemicals are involved and potentially multiple appointments are required, you’re at risk of over-processing and all its inherent dangers to your hair and scalp (there’s more on this topic in our ‘What does over-processed hair look like?’ blog).

5. Planning your maintenance programme

Let’s face it, it’s not a case of getting your hair dyed once and you’re done. You’ll want to maintain your sparkly new colour. The length of time between colouring appointments varies person-to-person, colour-to-colour, finish-to-finish. Seek guidance from your hairdresser. Know this information before you embark on dyeing as your budget needs to cover ongoing maintenance too.

There are other things you can do at home to keep your colour fresher for longer, from conditioner and shampoo specially for coloured hair to switching up your washing routine. Access our previous helpful hints in our ‘At-home hair colour maintenance blog’.

Let’s be honest, colouring your hair can damage it severely. A lacklustre dye job will leave you feeling drab and disappointed. Far worse, a complete hair disaster caused by bad hairdressing and incorrectly used chemicals will result in all manner of serious problems from scalp blisters and burns to hair breakage and damage including over-processed hair falling out in clumps.

Head on over to our ‘6 reasons to sue your hairdresser’ and ‘3-step plan to suing your hairdresser’ blogs to discover why and how to handle hair dye gone wrong.

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