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Box hair dye dangers
Hair dye gone wrong?

The enforced restrictions of lockdown caused more people than ever to turn to DIY hairdos such as box dyes. (Remember our ‘Lockdown hair, anyone?’ blog?) Although lockdown is thankfully in the past, box dyes remain a popular choice for many of us for upkeep of colour in a more affordable way.

But, are you aware of the dangers of box dyes?

Considering the presence of chemicals – ammonia, peroxide and paraphenylenediamine amongst them – this fact shouldn’t be overly surprising. After all, they are known irritants which can cause serious hair and scalp injuries such as hair breakage and hair loss, and scalp blisters and burns.

Yet, the reactions to a now-viral video, posted by a hairdresser showing the impact on his client’s hair from box dye, reveal the extent of shock upon the discovery of damage. Reported on the Daily Record’s website, the video was viewed a staggering 8.9 million times and instigated a string of horrified comments. In this case, the hairdressing client actually decided to proceed with the treatment despite her hair reacting to the strand test by breaking.

Our ‘5 top tips for fool-proof hair dyeing’, ‘Top tips for home hair dyeing’ and ‘The how and why of patch testing’ blogs guide you through what to do before undergoing hair dye and other chemical-based treatments.

If you needed a reminder of exactly what can go wrong – failing to perform strand tests, overlapping bleach and incorrectly using chemicals on your hair can result in extreme hair and scalp damage, as revealed in warts-and-all terms in our ‘Scalp blisters and facial swelling caused by hair dye’, ‘Near-death experience following severe hair dye reaction’ and ‘What does over-processed hair look like?’ blogs as just three examples of hair dyeing gone wrong.

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