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Autumn hair inspiration
Find out what’s hot and what’s not this autumn-time

As the days grow shorter, leaves change colour and weather becomes cooler, we’re reminded that autumn is here. Just like the arrival of any new season, you’ll be keen to know about predicted hair trends for the months ahead.

We’ve scoured the internet, so you don’t have to, in order to deliver this handy summary of what’s expected hair-wise during autumn 2021. It seems that glamour, rebellion and experimentation are on the menu…

Buzz cuts

Despite the drop in temperature, buzz cuts are popular right now for those brave enough to go short. It’s a great, low maintenance style, always looks polished and attracts attention. Are you confident enough to adopt this radical hairstyle?

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Bobs in every form

Hairstyles with a definite shape – the bob – are really relevant. All varieties are ‘in’, from different lengths to lots of layers to wash-and-go finishes. However you choose to wear the look, anything goes.

Textures and layers

Picking up on the ‘layers’ point above, choppiness is all the rage with rough layers for natural movement and face-framing layers to enhance your best features, all of which require minimal styling for healthier hair.


This new kid on the block is a combination of the mullet and pixie. It features short, dainty crops in the front with a little extra length at the back. It’s all about being adventurous and trying variations of this theme.

Classic mid length

Think shoulder length hair is boring? Think again – it’s classic for a reason. Feminine, flattering, easy to style and fits into a ponytail, it’s a hit with individuals seeking a still-modern look that can be styled any which way.

Grown-out fringes

Inspired by the 70s, the fringe is versatile and playful which means it’s huge this season. Whether your preference is big bangs, curtain, blunt or choppy, or whether your hair is straight, curly or coily, the fringe is for everyone. It’s a chance to switch up long hair without losing length.

Mirror-like shine

We’ve emerged from the horrors of lockdown demanding a bit of luxury and glamour with our hair. Products fostering strength, versatility and health are flying off the beauty shelves in our quest for ‘happy hair’ with glitz.

Curly shag

Supposedly many salons’ most-requested hairstyle currently, the very wearable curly shag is ideal for any non-straight hair type – be it curly, coily, wavy, kinky, whatever. A slightly different take on the curly shag is the wolf cut which is somewhere between a shag and mullet – a rebellious slant on the 80s version.

50 shades of red

Somewhat déjà vu at this time of year, a whole host of corals and reds, reminiscent of autumnal leaves, continue to inspire us. You may opt for strawberry red, rich auburn or even tones of pink – from rose gold to bright neon – either as a block colour or balayage effect. Why not experiment with your hair colour as the season shifts?

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As always when we mention hair colouring, remember the potential for damage that comes with dyeing your hair. From scalp burns and scalp blisters to hair breakage and hair loss, it’s important to be aware of the hazards before you visit your hairdressing salon.

Our ‘5 top tips for fool-proof hair dyeing’ and ‘The why and how of patch testing’ blogs might prove useful, along with an understanding of how to go about suing a hairdresser in the worst cases.

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