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6 essential hair care tips
Shampoo your hair properly

Shampoo your hair properly

Your hair’s your crowning glory so it’s worth investing time (and perhaps a little money) into really looking after it day-to-day. With the right care and attention, you’ll have luscious locks to be proud of. Not only that, by strengthening your hair, you’re able to withstand styling treatments and limit potential damage at the hairdresser’s.

Here’s how…

1. Eat well
Not a hair care tip as such, but maintaining a balanced diet, including eating Omega 3 acid-rich foods like oily fish, has a huge impact on your hair’s health such as promoting growth and reducing brittleness.

2. Shampoo properly
Rinse hair thoroughly with water before shampooing so that it lathers better and spreads easily. Pay as much attention to the roots as you do to the tips in order to get rid of all the dirt your hair’s gathered during the course of the day.

3. Apply conditioner
Use conditioner to hydrate your hair. Unlike shampooing, concentrate your efforts on the mid-to-end sections of hair which are more prone to dryness. Avoid the scalp as this can make your roots appear greasy.

4. Dry carefully
Rigorous rubbing with a towel and applying intense heat with a hairdryer is bad news for your hair. Instead, use a towel to gently pat the moisture out and thereafter leave your hair to dry naturally.

5. Repair damage
If your hair’s lost its lustre, it’s time for heavy duty action in the form of pre-wash products, dedicated rescue shampoo and conditioner, and occasional hair mask treatments. You’ll soon be able to say goodbye to those split ends.

6. Protect from the sun
The summer will be here before you know it. Heat wreaks havoc on your hair’s moisture, texture, colour and strength. Leave-in conditioners containing UV filters and sunhats are the way to go on your summer jaunts.

You may think your hair’s tough and can withstand anything you (or your hairdresser) do to it, but it’s actually pretty delicate.

Remember, if you do have a negative experience at the hairdresser’s, you don’t have to suffer in silence. With our close trichologist partnerships, we can fully assess the extent of damage and advise on the right course of action.