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3-step plan to suing your hairdresser
Hairdresser-instigated hair damage

Hairdresser-instigated hair damage

Being hurt by your hairdresser is a type of personal injury and, as such, you can launch legal claims against hairdressers for the scalp or hair damage caused. The worse your injury is and the more far-reaching the consequences, the bigger your end pay-out will be.

To put this statement into context, if harm is severe, such as hair loss, bald patches, scalp burns or scalp blisters, and if your career relies upon your appearance, like being a model or actress, plus if you incur significant expense as a direct result of your hairdresser’s negligence, for example lost wages or medical costs, you’ll be awarded a larger amount of compensation in settlement of your claim.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t make a claim if your case is less extreme than this. If you’ve suffered harm to your hair or scalp in any way at the hairdresser’s, you’re entitled to gain recompense from the salon or stylist who’s to blame. It simply means that recovered monies will reflect the gravity of your unique circumstances.

Not everyone knows how to go about suing hairdressers because many people have never instructed a solicitor before. Individuals who have previously sought legal representation tend to use solicitors for straightforward matters, for instance buying a house or writing a will.

Personal injury, in comparison, is a form of litigation and demands a very different approach from all parties concerned. That includes you as the litigant. Begin your legal case in the right way and you’ve got a greater chance of success.

If you’re unsure what to do, these vital tips will help you out…

1. Write it all down on paper
Make detailed notes about what’s happened including the time and date of your hair appointment, stylist’s name, treatment performed, how you got hurt, correctional treatment offered (if relevant) and what you paid (if anything).

It’ll be the last thing you’ll want to do, but you must also take selfies of your head and hair, as well as keep samples of hair that’s broken away or fallen out. The reason why? It’s evidence. The strongest cases are those with lots of evidence as it’s almost impossible to refute your story.

2. Don’t go it alone
You may feel it necessary to visit your doctor to get his / her expert opinion on your injury. If you do go down this route, again record everything including the time and date of doctor’s appointment, prescriptions given and medical advice offered.

Note that this isn’t an essential requirement in order to sue a hairdresser. You’ll find that many law firms will involve partnering medical practitioners, both doctors and trichologists, as your matter progresses.

The most important action at this stage is to get professional opinion from a lawyer who specialises in this type of claim. The best law firms will provide a free initial consultation to assess your eligibility for legal action.

3. Stay calm
If you’re the victim of an accident at the hairdresser’s, this is undoubtedly a distressing and troubling time in your life. A reputable solicitor will do his / her utmost to take the stress away by supporting you from one step to the next, fighting for you in and out of court, and securing an agreeable level of compensation. You shouldn’t even need to worry about legal fees. Select ‘no win, no fee’ terms and only pay when your case is successful.

At Hairdressing Claims, our legal team is dedicated to helping people make claims against hairdressers. We offer all of the above – free suitability assessment, range of medical partners, ‘no win, no fee’ payment options – and, quite simply, sound legal advice resulting from many years of experience in this field.

To find out more, complete our online enquiry form, email, phone 0800 970 9102 from a landline for free or call 0333 202 6560 from a mobile.

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