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Eight hair trends for 2021
Pink hair? Anything goes in 2021!

2020 has been a year like no other. If you’re as keen to look ahead to 2021 as we are, this blog’s right up your street. Today, we predict what are tipped to be the prominent hair trends of the coming year. Here, not only do we analyse haircuts, we also delve into in-vogue accessories and all-the-rage colours too.

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1. Holiday hair
None of us can go jet setting around the world at the moment but that doesn’t mean we can’t still achieve ‘holiday hair’. Cut long hair into natural-looking layers, use balayage to recreate sun-kissed colouring and style into voluminous waves. It’s ideal for both laid-back appearances and formal occasions.

Image courtesy of Julie Jackson on Pinterest

2. Pixie cut
Short pixie cuts are a super-edgy, stand-out style favoured by celebrities and ‘normal’ people alike. If you’re seeking out a bold makeover with easy-to-maintain hair, be brave and opt for a contemporary pixie crop.

Image courtesy of Love Hairstyles on Pinterest

3. Bobs in every length
Bob haircuts continue to be one of the most eye-catching ‘dos that dominate right now. Whether it’s a jaw-length bob, down to the shoulder or longer and has a sleek finish or is in simple light waves, it’s a low maintenance, versatile yet chic style ideal for our current times.

Image courtesy of AllThingsHair on Pinterest

4. Messy shag haircut
The messy shag can be cut into short and long hair. It’s effectively layered to various lengths so that the hair’s fuller around the crown and thins towards the edges. Very rock ‘n’ roll requiring minimal-to-zero styling, it’s the go-to cut for hip, busy individuals.

Image courtesy of Modern Salon on Pinterest

5. Messy or smooth… anything goes for updos
The timeless, smooth low bun or ponytail are an irresistible blend of effortlessly elegant and highly polished vibe. In contrast to these flawless finishes, messy updos are equally eye-catching and appear somewhat more organic. The added bonus is these styles are quick to create and suit everyone.

Image courtesy of Stylish Belles on Pinterest

6. Bigger is better for accessories
Having made a major comeback of late, accessories are a sought-after trend into 2021. The more extravagant, the better. Anything goes – decorative hair clips, padded headbands, ribbons, scarves and, even, old-school bandanas.

Image courtesy of Fab Mood on Pinterest

7. Colour is all about balayage, highlights, red and individuality
2021 will showcase a mixed bag of colour trends from balayage effect (caramel with different warm undertones), highlights (light brown and warm blonde are the ‘in’ thing), rich red tones (muted red-dark brown combo) and strong colours (be inspired by the rainbow!).

Image courtesy of Outfit Trends on Pinterest

8. Natural textures and braids
The natural hair movement we wrote about recently shows no signs of slowing down. People are embracing who they really are – including their hair. Coarse, frizzy, curly or fine – whatever – instead of hiding or flattening our natural texture, we’re accentuating it. Braids are similarly trending for those with longer hair to attain an iconic look.

Image courtesy of Glowsly on Pinterest

Whether you decide to play it safe or be adventurous with your hair in 2021, it’s worth re-reading our earlier tips about using DIY hair dyes and heeding our warnings about the importance of selecting a trustworthy hairdresser for your in-salon cut, dye and other treatments. It’s the difference between feeling a million dollars with your new hair and suffering harm (such as hair breakage, hair damage, scalp burns and scalp blisters).

Plus, remember that our specialist solicitors can step in to help if you need to pursue a legal claim against your hairdresser.

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