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Celebrities speak out about hair extension damage
Woman with hair extensions

Many of us worry about thinning hair; an issue which has a detrimental impact on our confidence and self-esteem. It could be argued that people in the spotlight feel the effects of fine and thin hair more strongly than the rest.

Hair extensions are the main solution chosen by individuals experiencing this hair problem. Unfortunately, though, due to poorly applied and insufficiently maintained extensions, hair can become thinner, more brittle and damaged in the process. In fact, in extreme cases, baldness and hair loss are possible outcomes. And it’s a vicious circle as further extensions are often sought to cover up.

In an article published on The Sun website, it’s reported that a third of UK women use hair extensions, amounting to £43 million spending on human hair every year.

The same article refers to various celebrities – Naomi Campbell (supermodel), Chloe Ferry and Sophie Kasaei (both Geordie Shore) amongst them – who’ve suffered harm to their hair and scalp from over-use of extensions.

According to Dr Nestor Demosthenous from the Edinburgh Hair Clinic, growing demand has led to varying quality extensions. Coupled with the fixation methods employed, this plays a ‘significant role in a leading cause of traction alopecia’.

He describes in some detail the clinical reason for this – namely, injury to the hair follicle by the constant pulling force applied to already-fine hair – and explains how recovery can happen naturally but hair transplant procedures are not uncommon where damage is permanent.

If you’re considering hair extensions, research sufficiently beforehand, be wary of cheap treatments, and ensure your hairdresser uses extensions which are equal weight in comparison to the section they’re being attached to.

You’ll also need to ask your stylist how you should look after your extensions at home, attend regular maintenance appointments at your salon and have breaks from extensions to aid interim recovery.

We have growing numbers of clients with hair extension damage to their scalp who are keen to pursue hair treatment injury claims against their hairdresser. Read our earlier blog post on this subject.

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