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2018 hair colour trends
2018 hair colour trends

Go bold with your hair colour this year

In these early weeks of 2018, we’re here to tell you all about this year’s key hair colour trends. It’s not uncommon to feel a bit ‘bleh’ late winter. For an instant self-care boost to lift your mood, welcome some vibrant colour into your life.

Check out these predictions for 2018’s favourite shades…

Bright copper (pictured above): Not just for autumn, this colour’s striking at any time of year but be warned that bright colours have a tendency to fade pretty quickly. More upkeep may be required and be prepared to re-colour more frequently than normal.

Light blonde: Why wait for summer to get the sun-kissed look? This ever-popular lower maintenance colour simply requires you to keep your hair hydrated with some decent-quality shampoo and conditioner which has hydrating properties. This will make your colour stick around for longer.

Light blonde hair

Source: Bellatory

Platinum blonde: We reported on this fashionable icy-white colour choice on our blog in 2017 and it’s going nowhere fast in 2018 with A-listers everywhere turning grey. It’s very high maintenance though, will need regular top ups and maybe even purple products to tackle brassiness.

Platinum blonde hair

Source: All Things Hair

Rose gold: Another tone that’s very with-it but also extremely demanding, albeit on a more manageable scale. Washing your hair with cool water and colour-safe products is advised in order to stay metallic.

Rose gold hair

Source: Instagram

Black lowlights: Light on top, dark underneath (or vice versa), the balayage effect is relatively low effort. Use colour-preserving shampoo and conditioner plus other moisturising products as you see fit. Go as light as you dare to really mark the contrast between the two shades.

Black lowlights

Source: Pinterest

A good hairdresser knows how to dye your hair to any chosen colour. There’s a much lower chance of a bad outcome if you go to a hairdresser rather than buy a home hair dye kit, especially for more drastic colour changes.

However, that’s not to say a hair disaster caused by your hairdresser is completely out of the question. Sadly it’s not. Should things go awry and your hairdresser’s at fault, contact us. We’re hair claims experts and can help you take action if a hairdressing claim becomes a necessity.

Read our earlier blog post titled ‘How to fix hair colouring disasters’ for guidance on how to correct a whole multitude of colouring messes. Or if your hairdresser has seriously damaged your hair or scalp with dyeing procedures, please contact us and talk in confidence to a member of our legal team.

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