£90k damages for life-changing salon shampoo injury

Hair washing injury man gets compensation
Hair washing injury man gets compensation

Hairdressing claims continue to make headline news. Delving back a little further in time, one of the worst instances of hairdresser-instigated injury in recent months, which resulted in £90,000 being awarded in damages, is this ‘beauty parlour syndrome’ case.

To give you a synopsis: Dave Tyler had his hair washed and styled at a hairdresser’s in Brighton; unbeknown to him, he suffered a blood clot while sat with his head bent backwards over the basin having his hair washed; two days later, he collapsed when the blood clot burst and caused a stroke; he subsequently spent three months in hospital recovering; eventually, he came home in a wheelchair and underwent a course of physiotherapy to resume walking with the aid of a stick; he now lives a restricted lifestyle with many of his former pleasures – such as driving, long country walks and dinghy sailing – a thing of the past.

Mr Tyler’s severe injuries could have been avoided if he’d simply been given adequate neck protection when using the basin.

This tragic story should demonstrate to hairdressers the importance of understanding the dangers of basin usage, teaching trainee hairdressers about these risks as these are often the people performing the washing procedure, warning customers of potential side effects of treatments and protecting them as fully as possible from harm.

To hair customers, it’s a reminder to be on your guard when visiting salons and a prompt to seek compensation when you’ve suffered at the hands of a hairdresser.

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Woman “robbed of six months” of her life following hair dye disaster awarded £9k compensation

Hair dye disaster compensation claim
Hair dye disaster compensation claim

Our hair is such an important part of our image that it directly impacts upon our confidence levels. A bad haircut is extremely damaging to our sense of self-esteem.

We came upon this story over the weekend about an air hostess, called Donna Smith, whose 45cm long beautiful hair is completely ruined by her stylist to the extent that she’s forced to shave it off and wear a wig while it slowly grows back.

But that’s not the end of it. Because of the nature of Donna’s work, her appearance means more to her than most. As a cabin crew manager, looking immaculate is par for the course. Her destroyed hair affected her so badly that she took six months off work, was prescribed anti-depressant medication and is still waiting for her hair to return to its original length.

The cause of Donna’s nightmare was a standard hair lightening procedure. The dye was left on for too long, resulting in her hair matting and falling out in chunks. Following a legal battle, Donna received £9,100 from the salon.

If you’ve suffered a similar fate, why not contact us to discuss your options? Our solicitors will represent you throughout the duration of legal proceedings.

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Hairs to you!

Josh Coombes

Whilst scrolling through the internet today I discovered a rare piece of heart-warming news on the BBC website that must be talked about and celebrated. Josh Coombes, a hairdresser originally from Exeter, selflessly offers free haircuts to the homeless on the streets of London. Touched by this article, we decided to find his Instagram which is flooded with before and after transformations of the haircuts that he’s carried out over the past year. Every post is just as special and moving as the other thanks to the detailed captions which include each person’s story and what they have to say.

All of this inspiring work is part of his campaign which has the simple vision that ‘If everyone, in every city, did one thing for nothing, we could change the world.’ Unsurprisingly, thousands of people are following Josh’s work and his generosity has managed to exceed way past the streets of London. The campaign is now supported by people who he’s inspired all over the world with the help of the hashtag #DoSomethingForNothing.

Josh Coombes Instagram

Looking through his posts, it became clear that the impact of a haircut was much more than just a change of appearance as the most noticeable transformation was their happiness. The vast majority of people would walk past someone who’s sleeping rough without even sparing a look yet Josh grants these people with his time, compassion and a fresh new trim every week, teaching us a thing or two about humanity. We need more refreshing news like this.


Image courtesy of Joshua Coombes Instagram