5 essential wedding hair tips

Tips for picture-perfect wedding hair
Tips for picture-perfect wedding hair

On special occasions, you always want to look your best. At no time more so than your own wedding day. As peak wedding season gets ever closer, we’re taking a look at what’s claimed to be one of the most important days of your life – your wedding. More specifically, your wedding day hair.

The last thing you need on your big day is a hair disaster. Your bad hair will put a dampener on your celebrations, the sour memory will stay with you forever and you’ll be reminded of your hair catastrophe every time you look at your wedding photos.

Before you decide on a style, read these five simple tips for picture-perfect wedding hair…

1. Be wary of drastic restyling
While it may be tempting to opt for a new haircut in order to look and feel extra special at your wedding, it’s probably not a good idea. For a start, would the new style complement your dress, veil and other hair accessories, such as your tiara? Even more importantly, what if you hate your hair after it’s been cut? Could you still rescue your hair in time?

Reinventing yourself can seem like a brilliant idea to make a dramatic entrance to your family and friends, but sticking with what you know is by far the safest and most preferable option.

2. Have a trial run
Following on from #1, if you’re considering a particular hairdo, have a practice run in the lead up to the main event. Yes, it’ll cost you more money as you’ll have to pay your hairdresser for her / his services, but it’ll be cash well spent.

After all, what if it turns out not to be suitable? Not every style flatters every person. There’s your outfit to bear in mind too. Not all styles will show off all wedding clothes. By trying it out early doors, you can make those essential fine-tune adjustments to get your style right on the day.

The other bonus to this approach is getting to spend another night with fabulous hair. Schedule the rehearsal for an important date, like your hen night, to take full advantage.

3. Be honest with your hairdresser
On the morning of your wedding, as you’re sitting having your hair styled, speak up if you’re not happy. Your hairdresser’s the expert and can fix things in a jiffy. Waiting until your hairdresser’s left the building then opening up the floodgates, complaining about your style and trying to get someone else to remedy your hair problem won’t produce the same positive end results.

Be kind to yourself (and those around you) and ensure you love your hair before saying goodbye to your hairdresser. It’ll be much less stressful for everyone concerned. It’s supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life as well, so start the day on a high note. That way, the only tears you’ll shed will be tears of joy during your exchange of vows.

4. Think about the weather
Weather forecasts are available several days in advance. As your wedding draws near, see what weather lies ahead and prepare appropriately. If it’s going to be hot and humid (lucky you!), style your hair off your face. If it’s going to be windy, use extra grips and hairspray to keep your hair in place. If it’s going to rain, buy yourself a pretty see-through umbrella.

You know better than anyone how your hair responds to the elements. Communicate this information clearly to your hairdresser so that, between you, you can plan your hair around the predicted climate.

5. Take other preparatory steps
You’ll no doubt have invested in a decent haircut recently in readiness for your wedding. To keep your hair in healthy condition, avoid excessive heat styling in the week or so beforehand. And buy a strong heat protection spray to guard your locks against unnecessary damage.

While you might not want to hear this, it’s advisable not to wash your hair on the actual day of your wedding. Hair styles hold better if hair was washed the previous day. Stay away from the shampoo and conditioner!

All that’s left to say is happy wedding day. With your hair in tip-top shape, you’ll be the envy of your wedding guests!

Despite our honourable intentions, sometimes hair disasters do happen through no fault of our own, with our hairdressers entirely to blame. Take our recent blog post about Dr Lucinda Shaw whose hair ‘came out in chunks’ following a hair straightening procedure carried out by her hair salon in the run up to her friend’s wedding. Because of her hairdresser’s negligence, Dr Shaw was awarded £1,200 in compensation but unfortunately the wedding was tarnished by her ruined hair.

If you suffer harm at the hands of your hairdresser and subsequently experience hair breakage, hair damage, scalp burns or scalp blisters, you should give serious consideration to suing hairdressers. At Hairdressing Claims, we’re experts in claims against hairdressers and can support you throughout the legal process.

Contact us in confidence by emailing enquiries@hairdressingclaims.co.uk, calling 0800 970 9102 from a landline for free, phoning 0333 202 6560 from a mobile or completing our online enquiry form.

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GP secures compensation for hair loss following salon treatment

GP's hair loss leads to compensation claim
GP’s hair loss leads to compensation claim

When Dr Lucinda Shaw’s hair ‘came out in chunks’ a few days after a hairdressing appointment, she sought compensation from the salon, Posh Hair and Beauty in Camden. As a result, she was awarded £1,200 for her hair loss ordeal.

In preparation for her friend’s wedding and following web-based research into hair straightening options, Dr Shaw booked a Japanese Yuko treatment whereby Keratin is used to permanently straighten hair. Salon staff failed to apply any patch testing and spent several hours performing the procedure. At one point, Dr Shaw complained that it started ‘smelling a lot’ and was advised the salon was actually doing a L’Oréal treatment instead.

Shortly afterwards, the effects of Dr Shaw’s maltreatment became apparent as her hair began falling out in the shower, leaving it short all over, not in the condition she’d anticipated and the incident unfortunately ‘cast a shadow’ over the wedding celebrations. Now, several months down the line, Dr Shaw is still growing her hair back to its original length.

Read the full story here.

This sorry tale serves as a reminder of the type of serious harm caused by hairdresser negligence. Hair breakage and hair damage such as that experienced by Dr Shaw is exactly what happens when hairdressers don’t carry out hair strand and skin patch tests before embarking upon treatments involving chemicals.

At Hairdressing Claims, we support individuals who’ve been injured because of hairdressers’ incompetence and lack of care. The damage can be extreme – for example hair loss, scalp burns and scalp blisters – and the consequences far reaching – often resulting in loss of earnings as injured parties take time off work when suffering with emotional distress and physical pain. These are strong grounds for making claims against hairdressers.

If you’ve been hurt by your hairdresser, be it from dyeing, bleaching, straightening, perming or other chemical treatment, contact our specialist legal team today. We’ll give free, confidential advice to help you decide whether or not to sue a hairdresser.

Get in touch by emailing enquiries@hairdressingclaims.co.uk, calling 0800 970 9102 from a landline for free, phoning 0333 202 6560 from a mobile or completing our online enquiry form.

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2018 hair colour trends

2018 hair colour trends
Go bold with your hair colour this year

In these early weeks of 2018, we’re here to tell you all about this year’s key hair colour trends. It’s not uncommon to feel a bit ‘bleh’ late winter. For an instant self-care boost to lift your mood, welcome some vibrant colour into your life.

Check out these predictions for 2018’s favourite shades…

Bright copper (pictured above): Not just for autumn, this colour’s striking at any time of year but be warned that bright colours have a tendency to fade pretty quickly. More upkeep may be required and be prepared to re-colour more frequently than normal.

Light blonde: Why wait for summer to get the sun-kissed look? This ever-popular lower maintenance colour simply requires you to keep your hair hydrated with some decent-quality shampoo and conditioner which has hydrating properties. This will make your colour stick around for longer.

Light blonde hair

Source: Bellatory

Platinum blonde: We reported on this fashionable icy-white colour choice on our blog in 2017 and it’s going nowhere fast in 2018 with A-listers everywhere turning grey. It’s very high maintenance though, will need regular top ups and maybe even purple products to tackle brassiness.

Platinum blonde hair

Source: All Things Hair

Rose gold: Another tone that’s very with-it but also extremely demanding, albeit on a more manageable scale. Washing your hair with cool water and colour-safe products is advised in order to stay metallic.

Rose gold hair

Source: Instagram

Black lowlights: Light on top, dark underneath (or vice versa), the balayage effect is relatively low effort. Use colour-preserving shampoo and conditioner plus other moisturising products as you see fit. Go as light as you dare to really mark the contrast between the two shades.

Black lowlights

Source: Pinterest

A good hairdresser knows how to dye your hair to any chosen colour. There’s a much lower chance of a bad outcome if you go to a hairdresser rather than buy a home hair dye kit, especially for more drastic colour changes.

However, that’s not to say a hair disaster caused by your hairdresser is completely out of the question. Sadly it’s not. Should things go awry and your hairdresser’s at fault, contact us. We’re hair claims experts and can help you take action if a hairdressing claim becomes a necessity.

Read our earlier blog post titled ‘How to fix hair colouring disasters’ for guidance on how to correct a whole multitude of colouring messes. Or if your hairdresser has seriously damaged your hair or scalp with dyeing procedures, please contact us and talk in confidence to a member of our legal team.

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Ann Widdecombe struggles with hair straighteners

Ann Widdecombe
Ann Widdecombe’s disobedient hair straighteners

We just had to laugh at Ann Widdecombe’s expense when she battled with hair straighteners in this year’s Celebrity Big Brother house earlier in the month.

Ann was given a beauty makeover by fellow housemate, Malika Haqq, in the popular Channel 5 programme. She then attempted self-styling but no matter how hard she tried, the straightening tool wouldn’t co-operate.

Claimed by some to be the funniest video of 2018 so far, it’s clocked up over 17,000 views on YouTube. Check it out here.

Ann’s mishap with hair straighteners is something many of us can identify with. Like many hair styling tools, they can be hard to handle. Whether as a direct result of her amusing hair styling incident or general entertaining behaviour on Big Brother, Ann’s one of the favourites to win the reality show tonight.

To promote best hair care practice, it’s worth reminding you about the dangers of high heat-emitting products which can cause serious damage to your hair if not handled properly. Improper care can result in dry, easily breakable, frizzy hair. The kind of hair that may tempt you to spend longer with your straighteners in an attempt to tame your unruly tresses. By doing so, even more damage will ensue and you end up caught in a vicious cycle.

Take our advice and follow these five steps when straightening your hair:-

1. Brush your hair to remove any tangles.

2. Apply heat protection spray liberally to put a barrier between the flat iron and your hair.

3. Ensure your hair is fully dry and your straighteners are fully heated before you begin.

4. Use a low heat setting, especially if you have fine hair. Never go higher than 350 degrees.

5. Avoid over-application on any single section of hair.

Your hairdresser should adhere to these guidelines too. If they don’t, and you suffer injury, we can offer support. Contact our legal team for free initial advice by emailing enquiries@hairdressingclaims.co.uk, phoning 0800 970 9102 from a landline, calling 0333 202 6560 from a mobile or completing our online enquiry form.

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How to fix hair colouring disasters

Hair colouring disaster
Hair colouring disaster

For those of us familiar with hair dyeing, many will have experienced a hair colour fail at one time or other, be it from a botched DIY job at home or during a visit to the hairdresser’s. Aside from screaming, crying and swearing (or all of the aforementioned, most likely!), you need to work out how to fix things otherwise you’ll be reluctant to ever leave the house again. Not without covering your hair or dressing incognito anyway!

We’re going to set out how to put right what’s wrong should this happen to you, plus make sure your current situation’s a one-off not to be repeated. Here’s what you need to know:-

Seek expert advice
Don’t rush to the shops to purchase (another) box of dye or reach for the scissors straight away. Most colour catastrophes are fixable over time. Ask for a professional assessment by a reputable hairdresser. It may be that applying more dye on top of your existing dye could cause more harm than good. See our earlier blog post about the dangers of over bleaching.

Use correcting shampoo
The correction process may very well begin with use-in-the-shower clarifying, brightening, toning or purifying shampoo and conditioner. Read labels carefully to choose the shampoo or conditioner best suited to your unique hair needs. This will largely be dictated by the colour of your hair currently and your ultimate colour goal.

Follow instructions on the bottle(s) to the letter. In your desperate state of mind, it may be tempting to leave the product on for longer than stated, just to be sure it’ll work. Don’t! Use for the recommended length of time and no more. The application process may need to be repeated daily for a specified period.

Counterbalance your colour problem
If your hair’s too light, try sleeping in deep conditioner to fade unwanted colour. If your hair’s too brassy, apply toner to get those darker colours in order. If your hair’s too stripy, use a coloured dry shampoo to blend the stripes with the rest of your hair. If your hair’s too dark, use a colour softener or remover to fade out unwanted dark tones. If your roots are a different colour to the rest of your hair, try a root blending concealer or tinted dry shampoo.

Whatever the scenario, you could always try washing, washing then washing again to lose some of the colour strength, closely followed by a nourishing hair mask to resolve the ensuing dryness after all that washing.

Be creative with your styling
The best solution may well be to appeal to your inner creativeness and style your hair to disguise your colour issue. Add waves using curling tongs so the colour’s not quite so flat and one dimensional. Apply clear gloss to add shine and reflect the light. Tie your hair up. Plaits, especially, will hide the worst of the mess. There are all manner of up-dos and tricks you can employ as a temporary camouflage.

Make sure you ask for precisely the right colour at your hairdresser’s next time!
Whether you’re visiting your stylist for correctional work now or planning ahead for your next visit, be certain to get exactly the colour you want with no-nonsense explanations. Be very specific, for example describe how you don’t want yellow tones if you’re looking for a cooler, ashier blonde. Take along photos of looks to avoid (a picture of yourself post-colour mishap) and looks to emulate (images of celebrities cut from glossy magazines donning the colour you crave).

There should be absolutely no misunderstanding as to what you’re aiming for. Any self-respecting hair professional should be able to oblige. A good colourist will understand what you’re trying to achieve and take you towards your end target. They’ll also advise you on which colours will suit and which won’t. Follow their guidance.

If your hair dye originally went wrong at the hairdresser’s, depending on the extent of damage to your hair and scalp, considering a legal claim could be your next option. Access our previous blog titled ‘Consumer complaint issue vs legal claim issue’ to help you differentiate between the two and choose the right path.

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Barber’s benevolent work with the homeless

Barber's benevolent work with the homeless
Barber to the homeless, Ged King, with Manchester’s mayor, Andy Burnham, courtesy of the Manchester Evening News website

At this time of gift-giving and caring for others, we’ve discovered this heart-warming news regarding a philanthropic barber who, as well as offering free haircuts to those who are homeless around Greater Manchester, is now planning his second trip to overseas refugee camps providing haircutting services and urgent provisions. This story really is the epitome of the true spirit of Christmas which is more about what you can give than what you receive in return.

The barber in question is Ged King, founder of the Skullfades Foundation. Ged claims to have given over 1,200 free trims to the City’s homeless to date and urges more barbers to join his ongoing crusade in the region to continually extend support for those in need.

Taking his altruistic project to an even higher level, Ged journeyed to Parisian refugee camps earlier in 2017, armed with donated essential goods which he distributed, along with his free hairdressing services, amongst refugees.

Spurred on by the huge success of his Paris expedition, Ged’s currently crowdfunding and campaigning for donations of clothes, toys, rucksacks, sleeping bags, non-perishable food and other items to take on his scheduled 2018 visit to Dunkirk. With strong backing, Ged can achieve his ambitious objective of delivering four vans full of donations, manned by a team of twelve volunteers, to refugees situated in Dunkirk’s camps.

For people who’ve lost everything – their home, possessions, even family and friends – Ged and the Skullfades Foundation can give “a positive chat, warm clothing and a haircut” which means the world to his destitute recipients.

Find out more on the Skullfades Foundation and read the full story as originally reported on the Manchester Evening News website.

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