Eight hair trends for 2021

Pink hair? Anything goes in 2021!

2020 has been a year like no other. If you’re as keen to look ahead to 2021 as we are, this blog’s right up your street. Today, we predict what are tipped to be the prominent hair trends of the coming year. Here, not only do we analyse haircuts, we also delve into in-vogue accessories and all-the-rage colours too.

Get your hair ready for 2021 here…

1. Holiday hair
None of us can go jet setting around the world at the moment but that doesn’t mean we can’t still achieve ‘holiday hair’. Cut long hair into natural-looking layers, use balayage to recreate sun-kissed colouring and style into voluminous waves. It’s ideal for both laid-back appearances and formal occasions.

Image courtesy of Julie Jackson on Pinterest

2. Pixie cut
Short pixie cuts are a super-edgy, stand-out style favoured by celebrities and ‘normal’ people alike. If you’re seeking out a bold makeover with easy-to-maintain hair, be brave and opt for a contemporary pixie crop.

Image courtesy of Love Hairstyles on Pinterest

3. Bobs in every length
Bob haircuts continue to be one of the most eye-catching ‘dos that dominate right now. Whether it’s a jaw-length bob, down to the shoulder or longer and has a sleek finish or is in simple light waves, it’s a low maintenance, versatile yet chic style ideal for our current times.

Image courtesy of AllThingsHair on Pinterest

4. Messy shag haircut
The messy shag can be cut into short and long hair. It’s effectively layered to various lengths so that the hair’s fuller around the crown and thins towards the edges. Very rock ‘n’ roll requiring minimal-to-zero styling, it’s the go-to cut for hip, busy individuals.

Image courtesy of Modern Salon on Pinterest

5. Messy or smooth… anything goes for updos
The timeless, smooth low bun or ponytail are an irresistible blend of effortlessly elegant and highly polished vibe. In contrast to these flawless finishes, messy updos are equally eye-catching and appear somewhat more organic. The added bonus is these styles are quick to create and suit everyone.

Image courtesy of Stylish Belles on Pinterest

6. Bigger is better for accessories
Having made a major comeback of late, accessories are a sought-after trend into 2021. The more extravagant, the better. Anything goes – decorative hair clips, padded headbands, ribbons, scarves and, even, old-school bandanas.

Image courtesy of Fab Mood on Pinterest

7. Colour is all about balayage, highlights, red and individuality
2021 will showcase a mixed bag of colour trends from balayage effect (caramel with different warm undertones), highlights (light brown and warm blonde are the ‘in’ thing), rich red tones (muted red-dark brown combo) and strong colours (be inspired by the rainbow!).

Image courtesy of Outfit Trends on Pinterest

8. Natural textures and braids
The natural hair movement we wrote about recently shows no signs of slowing down. People are embracing who they really are – including their hair. Coarse, frizzy, curly or fine – whatever – instead of hiding or flattening our natural texture, we’re accentuating it. Braids are similarly trending for those with longer hair to attain an iconic look.

Image courtesy of Glowsly on Pinterest

Whether you decide to play it safe or be adventurous with your hair in 2021, it’s worth re-reading our earlier tips about using DIY hair dyes and heeding our warnings about the importance of selecting a trustworthy hairdresser for your in-salon cut, dye and other treatments. It’s the difference between feeling a million dollars with your new hair and suffering harm (such as hair breakage, hair damage, scalp burns and scalp blisters).

Plus, remember that our specialist solicitors can step in to help if you need to pursue a legal claim against your hairdresser.

To get in touch, please email enquiries@hairdressingclaims.co.uk, call 0800 141 3682 from a landline for free, phone 0333 202 6560 from a mobile or complete our online enquiry form.

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Five ways COVID-19 has permanently altered our hair care habits

Hair care habits have changed forever

COVID-19’s had a profound and long-lasting impact on all aspects of our lives – from our mental and physical health to our income and job security. The changes to these many facets of our lives have been heavily documented in news headlines since March. By now, we’re well versed in our ever-evolving lifestyles as instigated by the pandemic.

But what about other, subtler alterations to our daily habits? In today’s blog, we delve under the radar to analyse specifically how we’re now looking after our hair…

You see, both lockdowns have been characterised by have-a-go haircuts and DIY hair jobs at home, occasionally culminating in less-than-desirable results. Sales of hair clippers and box dyes have skyrocketed as we’ve set about the task of lockdown hair maintenance ourselves.

Lockdown has also become known as the period during which a small contingent of rule-breakers engaged the services of their hairdressers illegally. Although forbidden to do so, reports of underground hairdressing have been rife, evidenced by bulk buying of salon-professional products.

When salons finally reopened their doors from the first lockdown on 4th July, we headed in our droves back to our hairdresser’s for correctional appointments and ‘proper’ haircuts (not just a simple trim). Interestingly, a significant proportion of people actually did the opposite – embraced their hair au naturel and chose low-maintenance colour treatments instead. We described these post-lockdown tendencies in our earlier blog.

Fast forward to now with a second lockdown in place to control the spread of coronavirus and a transformational experience awaiting us at the salon when they reopen their doors for a second time this year, what are our hair care habits? Here’s what we’ve found:-

#1: Less is still more in terms of maintenance

We lasted five months without visiting the salon and the future remains uncertain with the second lockdown still in place forcing hair salons to close yet again. Because of this, women are looking for hairstyles requiring minimal upkeep more than ever.

#2: Indulgence in self care

It thus follows that we’re investing heavily in washing, treatment and styling products to care for our hair at home. A figure being bandied around on the internet is 34% of women increasing spending on hair products to achieve the salon-at-home appearance.

#3: Longer gaps between appointments

With the vast majority of us having gone so long without a professional haircut and some realising that our own attempts at hair maintenance weren’t too bad after all, plus that the financial savings to be made are sizeable, we’re waiting longer between one appointment and the next. When we’re able to go to the salon, that is. For these monetary benefits, we’re willing to forgo our pre-COVID regular hair schedules.

#4: Switch from salon to mobile hairdressing

A number of factors are in play here. Rising unemployment figures and limits on how many clients are allowed in salons at once have led to growing volumes of hairdressers going mobile. Additionally, as a consequence of customers feeling uncomfortable in the salon due to extra security measures or health concerns and tighter finances because of reductions in earnings, more customers are booking home visits. Again, only when restrictions permit.

#5: Localised business support

Refocused priorities on the environment and localisation during lockdown mean we’re trying to lesson our carbon footprint and help businesses in our close vicinity so they can weather the storm which continues to rage. In other words, we’re favouring salons situated nearby as opposed to travelling further afield. This could be bad news for big brands but great news for small-scale hair salons.

Time will tell if these trends will carry on beyond COVID-19. If you can relate your current experiences with any of the above, we’d like to conclude with a note of caution. Always be mindful of adhering carefully to instructions on home hair kits so you don’t suffer harm at your own hands.

Similarly, if choosing mobile hairdressing services upon lockdown lifting, check that your stylist has adequate insurance cover. The risks are different and typically higher for home rather than salon hairdressing. You need to know that compensation can be claimed, should you get wounded by your hairdresser. Read our ‘6 reasons to sue your hairdresser’ blog to discover what can (and does) go wrong, from burns and chemical injuries to cuts and trips – applicable both to salon and home.

Remember, too, that help is readily available for individuals subjected to hairdresser negligence who want to launch legal action. Contact us in confidence for a free, no obligation consultation.

To get in touch, please email enquiries@hairdressingclaims.co.uk, call 0800 141 3682 from a landline for free, phone 0333 202 6560 from a mobile or complete our online enquiry form.

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Hairstyling tips for mask wearing

Looking good in a face mask

There’s no getting away from it… the need to wear a face mask is here for the long haul. Having been made mandatory in some locations – shops and supermarkets included – in July, and with Covid-19 going nowhere fast, we’ll be using face mask attire well into the foreseeable future.

For the fashion-conscious amongst us, keeping your hair (and makeup for that matter) looking good with a face covering is no easy task. With that in mind, we’d like to share this 2-minute video from the BBC website where the two contributors and influencers – Ellie Ferrari from @theupdogirl and Sally Orchard from Orchard Makeup – share their hair and beauty tips.

The multitudinous advice covers integrating the elastic from your face mask into various hairstyles. As well as having a bit of fun with masks by trying out some of these up-dos, you’re also making them more comfortable to wear. I’m sure the majority of us now would vouch for just how uncomfortable and awkward masks can be when worn in the normal way, so this is welcome news.

Check out the simple, easy techniques on the BBC’s site.

To get in touch with our Hairdressing Claims team, please email enquiries@hairdressingclaims.co.uk, call 0800 141 3682 from a landline for free, phone 0333 202 6560 from a mobile or complete our online enquiry form.

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Pastel pink and lilac candyfloss hair change for Gogglebox’s Ellie Warner

Picture: @ellie__warner/Instagram/Channel4

At Hairdressing Claims, we like to keep abreast of all the latest celebrity hair transformations. And, let’s face it, there are enough of these to keep us busy. We’re loving star of Channel 4’s Gogglebox Ellie Warner’s now half pink-half lilac coloured locks.

Ellie’s usual platinum blonde shoulder-length bob has undergone a rainbow-inspired colour revamp which is dyed differently either side of her centre parting. Her sister and fellow Gogglebox-er, Izzi Warner, is quoted as describing Ellie’s hair “Like a candyfloss Cruella De Vil”.

It seems that Ellie’s 170,000 Instagram followers are full of appreciation for her kaleidoscopic dye job too. With 12,229 likes (at the time of writing) and comments ranging from “Omg love it” to simply “Obsessed”, it’s plain to see that Ellie’s fans have nothing but admiration for their idol’s hairdo. We don’t blame them. It’s certainly a dramatic style which others are sure to follow.

If you’re tempted by a vivid colour change such as Ellie’s, take a few moments to re-read our earlier tips and warnings for home and salon dyeing because errors can (and do!) happen in both scenarios. Also, find out what you can do in terms of fixing colouring disasters or claiming against your hairdresser.

Experienced harm at your hairdresser’s? Please contact our team by emailing enquiries@hairdressingclaims.co.uk, calling 0800 141 3682 from a landline for free, phoning 0333 202 6560 from a mobile or completing our online enquiry form.

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Celebrities and lockdown hair

Even celebrities suffer messy hair during lockdown

We’ve written about lockdown hair. We’ve also written about post-lockdown hair trends. Today’s subject is celebrity hair during lockdown.

You see, just like the rest of us, it seems that the rich-and-famous have also either embraced their natural hair in lockdown or attempted a DIY job at home.

Seeing photos of A-listers wearing their hair as nature intended is a revelation. We’re so used to celebrities looking preened and prettied by their hairdressers (and make-up artists and stylists, for that matter!) whenever they appear in public.

It’s nice to know celebrities have actually faced the same struggles as everyone else while unable to have their hair properly attended to since March. Off their pedestals and grounded, our stage-and-screen stars too have coped with the pitfalls of roots, split ends, over-long hair and the like.

Having trawled the ‘net, we’re noticing that gone are the high-maintenance hair extensions. Gone are the straightened-to-within-an-inch-of-their-lives finishes. Gone are the professional hair colourings. Gone, in fact, is general tidiness and sleekness.

In their place, there’s Ariana Grande with surprisingly shorter, extension-free hair and sporting her natural curls. There’s Jennifer Lopez with shorter, curlier locks reminiscent of ‘Baby’ from the Dirty Dancing film. There’s Kylie Jenner abandoning her wigs and going for a ‘bronde’ bob; this colour being a beautiful mix of chestnut brown and warm blonde.

Other well-known names displaying their make-unders in lockdown include Katie Price with lighter, natural roots poking through her usually almost-black hair, Katy Perry with dark roots showing amongst her bleached hair and Miley Cyrus who’s resorted to cutting her own hair. Not forgetting the men, there’s Pierce Brosnan with a huge grey beard and scruffy hair, and David Beckham who’s shaved all his hair off entirely (read more).

During coronavirus lockdown, then, famous or otherwise, none of us have been able to visit our hairdressers for a haircut and colour. When you do eventually get an appointment at your regular salon now that restrictions have been lifted, don’t let your hairdresser’s standards slip in their hurry to catch up with their backlog of customers awaiting their essential hair pampering sessions. A hair disaster can include leaving bleach and hair dye on for too long which can cause chemical burns and hair damage. This is the last thing you need after months of waiting for your appointment.

Should you experience harm at the hairdresser’s, please contact our team to pursue a claim for compensation against your hairdresser by emailing enquiries@hairdressingclaims.co.uk, calling free from a landline 0800 970 9102 or free from a mobile 0333 202 6560, or completing our online enquiry form.

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Post-lockdown hair trends

Braids are now a popular choice for Afro hair

Ever since lockdown was imposed, we have all discovered cravings for the simple things in life – hugging our relatives, socialising with friends, spending time in the great outdoors, heading to the shops, for example. One commonality seems to have been pining for a good haircut.

In our desperation to fix our quarantine hair fails, grown-out roots and too-long locks, we’re flocking to the hairdresser’s in our droves. Those of us lucky enough to get an appointment, that is.

After four months of lockdown hair, what exactly are we asking for when perched in the salon chair? Here’s what our research has uncovered…

Correctional appointments
Unsurprisingly, individuals who’ve taken their hair problems into their own hands these past weeks now want things put right again. Jagged ends, wonky fringes, uneven shavings and patchy dye resulting from DIY mistakes are undergoing correctional work by hair professionals.

With so many of us experiencing major hair errors, it’s thought that people are generally expressing greater appreciation of hair experts by better understanding just how difficult it is to cut, shave and dye hair properly.

‘Proper’ hair cuts
With the twelve-week absence keenly felt, another much-requested treatment is drastic haircuts. Essentially, we finally wish for something to show from our next salon appointment. This desire for change is likely to result in bobs and short cuts with layered, wispy hair less popular currently.

Our new selfie-ready hair allows us to exhibit our redefined styles as a badge of honour; which we’ve been unable to do since March. With the gradual opening up of work, shopping and entertainment venues, we have somewhere to display our hair at long last too.

Au naturel
Conversely, lots of people have had no choice but to embrace their natural state – be it colour or texture – during the pandemic. Having been forced to rethink our relationship with our hair and reassess our long-term approach to hair maintenance.

Those who’ve endured the regrowth of roots and relaxed their straightening routine have actually started to enjoy their natural-looking appearance. As an added bonus, this lower-maintenance strategy is easier on the purse for those financially challenged by coronavirus too.

For Afro hair, it’s all about braids, cornrow sets, bantu knots, plaits and twists. This is an attempt to get a natural style which allows hair to be worn loose and free for a week or two without having to shampoo, condition and style daily.

Low-maintenance colouring
Continuing on the theme of colouring, people with high-maintenance colour before, such as full head lightening, are looking for low-maintenance alternatives. Balayage colour is in vogue. This is the process whereby hair graduates in colour from root to tips in a subtle way.

There are possibly two reasons for this: (1) a longing to go back to basics and (2) financial instability impacting hairdressing budgets. That’s because colouring techniques such as these demand less time in front of the mirror and fewer visits to the hairdresser’s.

Our hair is part of our identity, lifestyle and beauty, so it’s important to prep adequately for your first trip back to the hair salon. If you’re seeking one of these emerging trends, beware of ‘bad salons’, insist on an initial consultation even if it’s virtual, set out your expectations clearly, and undergo patch and strand tests where necessary. These steps will ensure you avoid hairdressing mistakes which is the last thing you want post lockdown.

Negligent hairdressing isn’t just disappointing (because you don’t get the style you were hankering after), it’s painful (such as scalp burns and scalp blisters) and damaging to your self esteem too (your hair is your crowning glory). Our legal team is always here to help you claim compensation from your hairdresser, should you need us.

Please email enquiries@hairdressingclaims.co.uk, call 0800 970 9102 from a landline for free, phone 0333 202 6560 from a mobile or complete our online enquiry form.

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