£13,000 for Client Left With Scalp Burns and Hair Breakage Caused by Negligent Hairdresser

Our client, Mrs J, visited a salon in central London for a full head colour treatment. Her hair was approximately 60cm long and in great condition. Mrs J noticed that something was wrong with her treatment before she had even left the chair. Her hair was snapping and coming out in clumps. The stylist told her this was normal following the application of bleach, but Mrs J knew this wasn’t true and already the blisters were starting to form on the back of her ears and on her scalp.

By the time she had got home, Mrs J’s scalp and ears were causing her significant pain and the blisters were beginning to ooze. She visited her GP who prescribed a course of anti-biotics.

Over the course of the following weeks, the pain subsided and the blisters healed but our client’s hair remained in a poor condition. She sought the help of other hairdressers and applied various specialist treatments, including Olaplex, to help improve the hair’s condition, but with limited results.

A year after the incident her hair was still in bad shape, and she had grown angry about the way she had been treated. She contacted us for help.  We immediately passed her case to our specialist hairdressing claims solicitors at LLB Solicitors. They spoke with her and agreed to take the claim on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis.  

LLB Solicitors arranged for Mrs J to be seen by a specialist Trichologist who examined her in person and reviewed the photographs she had taken which documented her experience. The Trichologist confirmed that the chemical burns to her scalp and the ongoing hair breakage had been caused by the hairdresser’s negligent application of the bleaching agent. In his professional opinion, it would take up to 5 years for all the damage to grow out.

LLB Solicitors presented the claim to the hairdressers’ insurance company and after some discussion they accepted responsibility for the injury and offered Mrs J £5,000.00 in compensation. This was insufficient given the severity of the damage to our client’s hair, which had caused her significant psychological distress. Her solicitor arranged for her to been seen by a clinical psychologist, who subsequently confirmed the impact the incident had had on Mrs J’s self-esteem, causing her real anxiety and a depressed mood which had at times affected her ability to work. After much negotiation the case was concluded without the need for court proceedings in the sum of £13,000.00.

Whilst our client was very happy with the compensation she recovered; she would have much preferred it if the incident had never occurred. This reinforces the importance of performing strand and patch tests and the value of using an experienced hairdresser whenever chemical products are in use. It also stands as a reminder to hairdressers to not only work hard to avoid causing unnecessary injury, but also the importance of insurance. Had the stylist not been insured, they would have been personally liable to pay our client’s claim.  

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£6,300.00 compensation for hair damage and burns caused by negligent hairdresser

Balayage dyeing technique underway

Our client, Miss J, visited her local hair salon in Cheshire to have her hair bleached and coloured using a balayage technique, with dark blonde roots fading into a lighter shade towards the ends of her hair.

Unfortunately, her hairdresser failed to perform a strand test or a patch test prior to carrying out the treatment. The stylist also failed to check our client’s hair during the treatment. Consequently, she was left with significant damage to her hair and scalp caused by the negligent application of bleach.

Our client’s injuries included numerous chemical burns and blisters to her scalp resulting in erythema (a skin reaction – read more here). The hair at the nape of her neck was also severely burnt leading to hair breakage and loss. The stylist attempted to cover the damage they had caused by smothering a large amount of oil in our client’s hair before she left the salon.

When our client reported her injuries, the salon denied any wrong-doing and said the client must have done something at home after the appointment to cause the damage. This was a false allegation entirely rejected by our client, who was left in pain, with damaged hair and wondering what to do. She researched whether she would be able to sue her hairdresser and found us online. She phoned us to see if she might have a compensation claim against the salon and we agreed to investigate her claim on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis.

Our team of expert solicitors instructed a leading hair and scalp expert (known as a trichologist) to examine our client and prepare evidence in support of her claim. The trichologist confirmed that our client’s hair was severely damaged, and it would take approximately 40 months before the hair would regrow to its healthy state. The expert trichologist also supported our client’s version of events and agreed that the damage had been caused by the negligent hairdresser.

The defendant hairdresser still refused to take responsibility for the damage caused to our client’s hair and declined to engage us. We therefore advised Miss J to take formal court action against the salon. We supported our client throughout the court process and on the day of the trial we settled her claim for £6,300.00.

We were delighted to secure this compensation for our client and whilst money can never put right an injury, our client was pleased that the defendant was made to face the consequences of their mistakes. Hopefully, they will be more careful in future, which is why this accountability is so important.

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£2k compensation win for burn injury client

Burn injury client
Burn injury client

A client of Hairdressing Claims was successful in securing over £2,000.00 following a skin burn at a local hair salon in December 2017.

During a routine cut and blow dry appointment at Blow Dry Express in London’s Canary Wharf, the negligent actions of her hairdresser, a freelance stylist on duty that day, resulted in a 20p-size burn on our client’s forehead caused by a hot hairdryer which had not been properly fitted with a diffuser.

The full extent of our client’s injury was revealed when she removed her makeup in the evening. In addition to the pain experienced by the burn, our client’s suffering was made worse by missing out on a holiday, and facing embarrassment in the workplace and at social events.

The former – her holiday – was a planned Christmas break abroad in a hot climate with family which our client was compelled to cancel after being advised to keep out of the sun. The latter – working and socialising – meant she was constantly questioned by colleagues as to what had caused the noticeable burn mark, thereby becoming self-conscious.

As a senior financier at HSBC who regularly meets with customers face to face, our client suffered further awkwardness during client meetings because of an understandable concern about her appearance. Psychological problems are common among clients who suffer unsightly damage to their hair or burns to the face.

There was outside-of-work impact from the incident too, as our client began avoiding social occasions, stopped going to the gym and didn’t attend yoga classes whilst she recovered from her injuries.

As well as these work and lifestyle limitations, our client also continues to experience anxiety when visiting the hairdresser’s for fear of a repeat episode. Previously, she enjoyed getting her hair done and had sometimes frequented the salon twice a week.

Despite initially denying responsibility, analysis of the evidence confirmed Blow Dry Express’s liability. When her case was taken to trial, District Judge Worthington sitting at Central London County Court ruled that the salon’s owners, BDE Enterprises Can Ltd, should pay our client £2,064.00 in damages including £31.00 to reimburse the cost of the initial appointment, plus her legal costs for bringing the matter to court.

Although accidents are one of life’s inevitabilities, they should never happen at the hairdressers. If, like our client, you’ve suffered a burn or injury during a hairdressing treatment and you want to sue your hairdresser, please get in touch with our specialist claims against hairdressers legal team.

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Compensation for woman after negligent hairdressing leads to intense hair ruin

Bleaching procedure
Bleaching procedure

A customer of Toni & Guy International Ltd has received a £6,5000 pay-out in an out-of-court settlement after a catalogue of bleaching errors during a routine dyeing appointment caused severe hair breakage.

Paul McNulty, a hairdressing claims specialist solicitor, explained how his client works in the creative industry and cancelled a series of appointments following the unfortunate incident.

“My client is a busy and successful business owner,” said Paul. “A well-groomed, professional appearance is essential. The distress caused by the damage incurred at the salon resulted in my client being unable to continue her normal work activity. The injury was both physical and psychological, and the financial losses included reduction in earnings as well as expenses for shampoo, conditioner and over-the-counter medication needed throughout the recovery phase. With full restoration of hair to its original state expected to take 34 months, expense costs alone equated to over £1,000.”

During the legal process, the claimant’s hair was assessed by an expert Consultant Trichologist. Drawing together verbal, written and photographic evidence, the Trichologist found that the hairdresser’s negligent care had caused “incorrect colour”, “hair shafts resembling chewing gum which pull apart with ease”, “obvious severance stubble in many regions” and “low or nil elasticity and tensile strength”. He recommended the use of high-quality shampoo and conditioning products in order to protect hair from grooming-related severance in its weakened condition.

The wrongdoing occurred on the claimant’s third visit to Toni & Guy when she was due to undergo customary root touch up of her hair which is naturally brown and had been bleached to platinum blonde over a 2½ year period. Amongst the multiple negligent actions were: lack of strand or elasticity testing; extreme overlapping onto previously bleached hair; over-exposure of bleach as the hairdresser departed the salon for a lengthy lunch break; and subsequent additional bleach bath in an attempt to fix the ensuing turquoise colouring.

The combined impact of over-use of products containing chemical peroxide and the incompetent hairdressing conducted by a junior, inexperienced stylist led to instant intense breakage close to the roots and hair loss to a large central section of hair.

“The circumstances of this case show that the salon is entirely to blame for the harm caused,” added Paul. “Failure to conduct any form of pre-treatment checks, applying bleach to hair rendered vulnerable by prior bleaching and an extensive period of exposure to peroxide which is a powerful alkali have had devastating results. Healing and re-growth will be prolonged. We pursued a claim for the pain and suffering experienced, and we were successful on our client’s behalf. The money goes some way to recompensing our client for what she’s been through.”

Toni & Guy’s insurer initially denied liability and placed the blame on our client for washing her hair at home. They later offered to refund the £60 appointment fee which was wholly inadequate compensation for our client’s suffering. Hairdressing Claims’ specialist solicitors issued court proceedings to sue the negligent hairdresser. Eventually they conceded liability and offered £4,500. This was rejected and the case subsequently concluded for £6,500 without the need for a court trial.

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