Recall of Brazilian hair treatment product

Brazilian Blowout product recall
Brazilian Blowout product recall

At Hairdressing Claims, we’re all about promoting safe, responsible hairdressing and hair styling whether you’re visiting a salon or DIY-ing at home. As experts in claims against hairdressers, we’ve seen lots of serious hair and scalp injuries resulting from negligent hairdressing or misuse of styling products. Believe us, you really don’t want a serious hair disaster to happen to you.

That’s why we’re sharing news about the urgent recall by the European Commission of Brazilian Blowout, a hair straightening product that’s been found to contain 35 times the allowed concentration limit of the chemical methylene glycol.

You see, when methylene glycol is used in smoothing solutions, it can release a toxic substance called formaldehyde which is capable of causing cancer. The permitted concentration of methylene glycol is 0.2%. Brazilian Blowout measures 7%, 35 times more.

Due to its serious risk to health, anyone who’s bought Brazilian Blowout can receive a full refund even without a receipt. Find out more on the Recall Alert website.

On the same subject, undergoing Brazilian hair straightening at a hairdressing salon also poses health risks which it’s important to be aware of beforehand. We’ve written about this previously. In our article titled “Everything you did (and didn’t!) want to know about keratin treatments”, we describe how the straightening procedure is performed and advise to check exactly what’s contained within the formula your stylist is using.

Despite the best due diligence, if you end up suffering harm to your hair or scalp during a Brazilian hair treatment, our legal team are on hand to help. Get in touch by emailing, calling 0800 970 9102 from a landline for free, phoning 0333 202 6560 from a mobile or completing our online enquiry form.

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Scientific evidence that women really are the fairer sex

Blonde hair genes more prominent in women
Blonde hair genes more prominent in women

The biggest ever study on genes and hair colour has been undertaken by an international scientific team with results recently published in Nature Genetics.

Data analysed from 300,000 participants of European descent showed that women are twice as likely as men to have blonde hair. Another interesting discovery was that men are three times as likely as women to have black hair.

These research findings demonstrate that the colour of our hair is a highly heritable trait, related to our genes, with an unusual bias towards more blonde haired women and more black haired men evident in every population sub group analysed.

Joint lead author of the study, Professor Tim Spector from Kings College London, said: “It’s a mystery and it’s intriguing because it wasn’t what we were looking for.” Read more of Tim’s comments on the BBC website.

While these gene-related revelations appeal to professionals operating in the hair industry, Hairdressing Claims included, there are huge implications for other sectors too, such as medical and police forensics work. Two uses of the data are that it’ll help improve our understanding and treatment of diseases, and make it possible to ascertain villains’ physical identity at crime scenes.

On a related note, if you’re not a natural blonde and are tempted by a total dye job to recreate the look, please heed our earlier advice to would-be blondes about over bleaching your hair. Incorrect or over application of bleach is seriously bad news for your hair and skin, both of which can suffer severe and irreversible damage.

At Hairdressing Claims, our raison d’etre is to help individuals who’ve been hurt by their hairdresser. If you experience harm at the salon in your quest for blondeness, get in touch by emailing, calling 0800 970 9102 from a landline for free, phoning 0333 202 6560 from a mobile or completing our online enquiry form.

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10 tips to avoid humidity hair this summer

Keep your hair in top shape for the beach
Keep your hair in top shape for the beach

You can’t beat a summer holiday spent at some exotic, far-flung destination (or closer to home, if you prefer!) to unwind from the normal stresses and strains of life and work with your closest family and friends.

While enjoying some much-needed relaxation time on hot summer days, the challenge comes in counteracting the frizz to your hair caused by humidity. Not to mention the adverse effects of sand, salt and wind on your tresses if you’re heading beachside.

To help you achieve selfie-ready hair on your holiday, we’re here with ten essential tips to beat the frizz…

1. Use sulphate-free shampoo
As savvy consumers, we’re well trained in checking the list of ingredients in just about everything these days, especially when it comes to avoiding potentially harmful chemicals in beauty products. For this reason, sulphate-free shampoo is gaining popularity amongst health-aware fashionistas.

You see, sulphate lifts the hair cuticle which makes it more susceptible to frizz. Swap to sulphate-free to tackle frizz from the get go.

2. Choose lightweight, moisturising conditioner
For the optimum holiday conditioner, just like your shampoo, buy something that’s free of nasty chemicals and suits your hair type. As you’ll no doubt be applying more styling products while away than you usually would at home in order to combat frizz, a moisturising formula is the better option.

3. Look for anti-humidity treatments
Yes, they do exist. And yes, they do work. If you’re holidaying somewhere with a hot or humid climate, use an anti-humidity sealant to stop your hair reacting badly to the weather. The spray formula gives hair a non-greasy, sleek shine which lasts for up to 3 washes.

4. Dry your hair properly
First, start your blow dry by brushing any baby hairs away from your face. Second, hold your hair dryer facing down. Third, use a round brush to make outward movements to dry the crown of your head in such a way as to prevent frizz.

5. Add movement or fasten in an up-do
Tousled waves are the perfect beach look so add some movement to the length and ends of your hair. These curls are useful in preventing puffiness due to humidity too.

Alternatively, your plan B may involve arranging your hair into one of your preferred up-do styles such as a slick ponytail, French braid or messy bun. With your up-do in situ, use a variety of pretty clips, hairnets and headbands to keep frizz locked down and look lovely all at the same time.

6. Apply hairspray
A little hairspray won’t go amiss to fix your hair into place, whether it’s loose curls or a pinned-up style. To really finish off your hairstyle to perfection, apply hairspray to a toothbrush and comb down any flyaway strands.

7. Always use a heat protectant
At the hairdrying stage, remember your heat protector spray to shield your hair from temperature-induced damage. There’s also the heat from the sun to bear in mind. Use heat protectant during the day as a barrier from harmful UV rays, as well as sand, salt and wind when you’re spending time on the beach.

You may even opt for something stronger for this purpose such as leave-in conditioners, serums, oils or glosses. Check out the extensive range of products available in your nearest chemist.

8. Take a look at other hair products
When going on holiday, you don’t want to bulk up your suitcase unnecessarily when you’ve got luggage weight restrictions to adhere to. Take a look at the relatively new-to-market anti-frizz sheets which are purse-portable and designed to tame the frizziest hair.

9. Go for a wet look
Probably the easiest thing you can do when humidity strikes is tap into the wet look hair trend. Simply add a gel spray to your hair when wet and finish with a holding spray. The frizz won’t stand a cat in hell’s chance!

10. Adjust your sleeping habits
Something much overlooked but thought to make a big difference to those with frizzy hair is the material of your pillowcase. Cotton absorbs moisture from your hair which can cause dryness and breakage. Switch to a silk pillowcase instead as added protection for your hair.

Happy holidays!

This hair advice is brought to you by Hairdressing Claims, experts in claims against hairdressers. We’ve got proven expertise in helping individuals gain compensation for harm caused by hairdressers including hair breakage, hair damage, scalp burns and scalp blisters. Contact us for further information and to start your claim. Email, call 0800 970 9102 from a landline for free, phone 0333 202 6560 from a mobile or complete our online enquiry form.

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Prince William used in fake hair tattoo advert

Hair tattooing
Hair tattooing procedure

London-based hair loss experts, Vinci Hair Clinic, have completely flouted strict rules governing the use of Royal Family photos in advertising by using a photo-shopped picture of Prince William with a scalp tattoo on his bald patch in a promotional campaign. The tabloids recently reported on this direct infringement to the wholesale ban on photos of the Royals which should only be used with express permission.

Although the advert may very well land the Harley Street hair business in serious trouble with watchdogs, the Advertising Standards Authority and Director General of Fair Trading, Vinci’s social media sponsored posts featuring the Duke of Cambridge are proving popular with followers. It seems that fans ‘like’ how Prince William looks with his fake tattoo. It remains to be seen whether Prince William will be tempted by a real hair tattoo after seeing Vinci’s mocked-up images of himself.

Hair tattooing is claimed to be a pain-free procedure. Unlike other tattoos, it doesn’t penetrate as deeply. The non-surgical technique works by drawing tiny particles of pigment on the scalp to resemble short hair as a solution to hair loss.

As hairdressing claims experts, we’d urge caution if you’re considering the same treatment. It’s a highly specialised process and should only be undertaken by trained practitioners in this field. Research thoroughly. Commit carefully.

Should things go awry and you suffer harm in the salon chair, get in touch to discuss your eligibility for a legal claim against the hair tattooist concerned. Our initial consultation is free of charge. Afterwards, you’ll be much better informed about your next steps and likelihood of success.

Contact us in confidence by emailing, calling 0800 970 9102 from a landline for free, phoning 0333 202 6560 from a mobile or completing our online enquiry form.

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On trend: peach hair!

Peach hair colour trend
Peach hair colour trend

Last year, rose gold hair was all the rage. The popular fusion of blonde and pink hues was worn by all manner of celebrities and non-celebs alike to make a bold beauty statement, Katy Perry, Hailey Baldwin and Kylie Jenner amongst them.

This year’s trending hair dye is peach, a warmer take on the cooler rose gold colouring, showing that pink hair shades are here to stay. Peach hair is tipped to be everywhere very soon, just in time for summer and the height of festival season.

Hair colour professionals claim that peach hair complements any hair type and skin tone, with recommendations to opt for lighter peach if you have fairer skin, choose darker peach for olive skin and go for more vibrant orangey-pink hues for dark skin.

There’s even the option to introduce other pastel shades as well as peach if you’re brave enough to create a dramatic rainbow style. One contrasting colour suggested for this purpose is lavender. Alternatively, adopt an ombre effect whereby the colour starts in the middle of the hair shaft and fades into the ends of the hair.

For a more cautious approach, add peach streaks without committing to the full head. This includes using peach for a balayage finish which makes your hair look a little sun-kissed, perfect for these hotter months.

DIY kits are available should you wish to save yourself the money of a trip to the hairdresser’s. We would urge, though, if you want to have a try at home, make sure you carefully follow the user instructions to avoid a hair disaster.

If you’re slightly more hesitant and prefer to enlist a hairdresser for the job, select a reputable stylist who understands your hair type, performs strand and other vital pre-dye tests, and has proven success in dyeing procedures.

Anyone who’s read our earlier blog posts will know that techniques such as hair dyeing, if not done properly, can cause serious harm. The incorrect application of strong chemicals can dry out your hair so that it becomes brittle. This results in hair damage and hair breakage. Your skin can react badly too. Scalp burns and scalp blisters are not uncommon in these cases.

In the unfortunate event of something going wrong, get in touch with our legal team to discuss what’s happened in confidence. We help take the stress out of what can be an extremely upsetting situation.

Email, call 0800 970 9102 from a landline for free, phone 0333 202 6560 from a mobile or complete our online enquiry form.

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Gender-neutral hairdressing

Gender-neutral hairdressing
Gender-neutral hairdressing is increasingly popular

Any male-female friendship knows that the woman will pay more for a haircut than the man, even if their hair is shorter. This frustrating gender inequality has led to price discrimination in the hairdressing sector. It’s come about because women are often happier to spend more money on beauty than men. And anyone in business knows that you charge more to people who are willing to pay a higher price.

But this outdated thinking is finally changing, partly because men are investing more in personal grooming and spending longer in the salon chair, but also due to some hairdressers trying to differentiate their offering by recognising that gender-neutral price lists promote fairness. Quite simply, there’s no reason why the price point for a man or woman should differ anymore, if they ever should have at all.

Recent news reports announced the opening of Wales’ first gender-neutral salon, Chair Salons in Cardiff. In similar vein to other salons of this type, Chop Chop London amongst them, customers pay according to the length of their hair. Other factors borne in mind may be stylist’s time and skills, and products used.

Unlike the majority of salons with which we’re familiar, prejudice isn’t made on the basis of sex, age or community. Not only has Chair moved away from an archaic pricing system, it’s making sure magazines on offer give its customers ‘access to representations of beauty that do not conform to stereotypes’.

Ultimately, gender-neutral salon clients should feel welcome, not be subject to gendered conversation, save money on hair care and still get the hairstyle they want. There’s one price list for everyone and a warm environment, with no distinction between genders and an atmosphere of inclusion.

Thankfully the hair industry, then, is slowly evolving to reflect the modern world we live in. Not before time, in our opinion. It’s not acceptable to charge extra for the same service just because someone’s a woman. Salons like Chair are setting a positive equality standard. Hopefully, now, the rest will follow suit.

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